Mr. Mannequin Takes Off

Mannequin TakeoffAlright, this is definitely a guilt post to make up for going so long in between posting.  This way at least I’ll have my minimum of two posts for the week.  I’ll figure out a more regular schedule later.  Besides, it’s Figure Drawing Thursday today.  If nothing else I can at least get my weekly mannequin sketch up.  I know how much everyone loves Mr. Mannequin after all.  He’s quite the popular guy.  I myself have grown so attached to him I’m not sure I’ll ever bring myself to transition on to proper figure drawings.  He is still giving me a better understanding of how those are constructed though. Continue reading


A Week’s Worth of Sketches

Goku2This whole regular posting schedule thing seems to just be flying out the window lately.  I’m kind of at an inbetween stage right now.  Hopefully by the end of February, beginning of March I’ll be able to get a more stable schedule sorted out.  In the meantime I am still drawing regularly.  I just haven’t gotten around to posting anything for the past week.  That means that I now have a whole week’s worth of sketches to upload.  This was today’s.  It was another request from one of my supervisors at work for her son.  Actually I drew it on Monday (I’ll post the original line drawing below) but I didn’t get around to colouring it in until today.  So this was still my main artistic endeavour for the day. Continue reading

Another Thursday Mannequin Sketch

Special Agent MannequinStill nothing too terribly exciting going on. Here’s my weekly mannequin sketch for Figure Drawing Thursday though. I’m not sure Mr. Mannequin is up to anything terribly exciting either really. He’s still going though and so am I.  Between the two of us we’ll get this figure drawing thing worked out eventually.

Squirrels and Other Random Doodles

SquirrelI haven’t been drawing anything terribly interesting lately. Mostly I’ve just been doodling in my sketchbook experimenting with various things that don’t really turn out. I did start on that Darth Vader sketch at one point but I never quite finished it. Maybe I will at some point. He’s just so complicated and I am way too invested in getting him right. It’s a frustrating combination. Continue reading

An Appearance from Betty Boop

Betty BoopHere’s Betty Boop as promised.  The mother of one of my co-workers actually requested this one.  Her daughter has four of my random Disney sketches on her wall now so she wanted one for her own wall.  Apparently she’s a big fan of Betty Boop.

I actually had a lot of fun with this one.  Betty Boop is very interesting to draw.  She is definitely completely different from everything I’ve drawn before.  There were some good lessons to be learned here.  Continue reading

Some Cartoons in Colour this Time

OlafToday I ended up doing quite a few silly cartoon drawings.  I was only really intending to do the Olaf one.  One of my co-workers requested it for her daughter.  They’re moving at the end of the month and she wants to put it up in her daughter’s new bedroom to make it more friendly and less foreign feeling.  Her daughter is of course completely obsessed with Frozen, as a lot of kids these days seem to be.  I decided to pull out my copic markers for this one to give it a bit more colour.  It’s been a long time since I worked with colour and I wanted to give it a shot again.  Continue reading

Bambi and Friends

Bambi & CoI feel bad about my intermittent posting lately so I’ll do another quick one today just to prove I’m still alive before going to bed.  This was the latest Disney sketch request from my coworkers.  My friend suggested Bambi and I though Thumper would be more appropriate so then she insisted I should do both and include Flower as well because it wouldn’t be right to leave him out.  I did my best to oblige her.  Actually I think Flower is my favourite part of this drawing which is interesting since that was the character I was most reluctant to draw.

A Sunday Hand Sketch on a Monday and Some Experiments with Brush Pen Techniques

A Monday Sunday HandIt has been an inordinately busy couple of days. Actually I think this past weekend was my busiest in years. There just hasn’t really been any downtime at all. I had to hit the ground running as soon as my Christmas break ended. That being said, I did actually still draw this hand sketch on Sunday for what it’s worth. It was very quick and very rough but I insist on continuing that tradition. So it is still a Sunday hand sketch. I just didn’t get around to posting it until Monday. Continue reading