Day 151: Another Trip to the Beach

Lounging at the BeachWe decided to take another beach trip today.  It was really beautiful and I saw lot of amazing things that I definitely don’t have the skill to capture yet but will have to at least attempt sometime.  I did bring my sketchbook with me though and ended up doing a bit of sketching on the beach since the water was a bit cold for my tastes.  Continue reading


Day 150: A Quick Miyazaki Sketch Study

Miyazaki Watercolour Sketch StudyToday I felt like trying to learn a bit from one of the masters again.  Hayao Miyazaki is one of the people I admire most and his skill with watercolours just blows me away.  Somehow he manages to make things look so simple and yet intricate, detailed and beautiful all at the same time.  I decided to take a shot at one of his sketches again.  Continue reading

Day 149: Traversing the Outback

Outback HopperI’m not entirely convinced that today’s sketch should be called finished but I’ve already spent way more time on it than I intended so I’m calling it quits.  Today was another one of those “busy doing a million different thing while somehow still feeling like I’m not getting a single thing done” days.  By the time I got to my daily sketch it was ridiculously late and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to draw.  I mean that literally.  Usually I have some vague idea of what I might want to draw.  Today I had none.  I ended up just typing “animal” into google image search and this came up so I decided to give it a shot. Continue reading

Day 148: A Mannequin in Motion

A Mannequin in MotionIt’s Figure Drawing Thursday again!  Hey, I’m getting good at remembering my arbitrarily assigned days for working on specific subjects.  Maybe it’s because those are the days when I don’t have to scratch my head trying to figure out what to draw.  It’s a nice little time saver.

So here’s my second watercolour mannequin.  I stuck a bit more to normal wooden colours for my mannequin this time but got a little creative with the background instead.  Continue reading

Day 145: A Splotchy Collection of Splotches (in the Shape of a Wizard)

Splotchy Wizard BoyI didn’t really feel like trying today.  I pretty much physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted myself during the course of the day.  When the time came to do some sketching I didn’t even want to figure out what to draw.  I didn’t want to draw anything from life or try to copy anything.  I didn’t want to do anything too complicated.  Basically I just had a very long list of things that I didn’t want to do and not interest in figuring out what I did want to do.  This was the result. Continue reading

Day 144: A Somewhat Simpler Sunday Hand Sketch

A Nice Simple Hand SketchAlright, so this is a pose I’ve done before.  I know.  It was recently even.  For some reason I just find this pose interesting and I can’t come up with something new all the time.  I was bound to start repeating myself at some point.  I think I actually improved quite a bit over my last attempt at this pose though, which is quite encouraging for me.  Also, this time it’s in colour!  It’s not just a naked line drawing, sitting there waiting to be given form. Continue reading

Day 143: A Watercolour Portrait (Attempt)

A Watercolour Portrait AttemptWhat can I say?  I just didn’t have the patience required for today’s portrait.  I probably should have picked something a bit simpler.  I’ve just been meaning to take a shot at doing a portrait in watercolour for a while now so I figured it was time to bite the bullet.  Unfortunately I ran out of energy/patience/enthusiasm about a quarter of the way through. Continue reading