Day 181: The Power of Wind

The Power of WindI’ve pretty much been avoiding landscape paintings like the plague.  I don’t know if anyone’s noticed that but it’s definitely true.  It’s not because I don’t like landscapes.  I actually love them.  They used to be pretty much all I would paint when I was younger.  For some reason I just find them intimidating now though.

It started out alright.  At first it was just a matter of focusing on the areas where I was weakest.  I never really learned how to draw people and animals properly so that was what I wanted to focus on improving.  As I worked on that though, my landscape drawing pretty much fell to the wayside.  Continue reading


Day 180: An Antlered Beast

An Antlered BeastToday was another randomly generated photo drawing day for me.  I have been having a pretty terrible case of the Mondays, feeling worn out and unenergetic all day long.  You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to settle on something to draw.  I don’t know what I would have done without the Something to Draw website.  I just kept hitting the refresh button over and over and over again.  Eventually I decided that I wanted to draw an animal which at least allowed me to pick a tag and narrow my search parameters.  Even so I think I spent at least another 10 minutes hitting refresh repeatedly.  I probably would have been better off just taking a shot at the first photo that came up. Continue reading

Day 179: Another Attempt at Perspective in Hand Drawings

Putting My Hand in PerspectiveAnother Sunday brings another of my hand sketches.  I hope I can be forgiven for not going all out on this one.  I’m afraid I spent most of the day out with my husband having a wonderful anniversary together.  I did have my sketchbook with me but didn’t end up doing any sketching while I was out.  Instead I just enjoyed the day and the company.

That meant I was squeezing this one in at the end of the day again though.  Continue reading

Day 178: Another Horribly Inaccurate Self-Portrait

This Day in HistoryThis is what happens when I leave things until the last minute.  Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and I wanted to draw a special sketch to mark the occasion.  Actually I originally considered doing a full canvas painting and giving it to my husband as a gift but I eventually decided that plan was a bit too overambitious.  My skill level isn’t really at a point yet where I could do it proper justice and also it wouldn’t make a very good present since we’re in very cramped living quarters right now so I’d have no way of keeping it secret from him while I was working on it.  Continue reading

Day 177: A Bird’s Lunch

A Bird's LunchIt’s Friday!  Yay!  I don’t really know why I’m so excited about that.  There’s nothing particularly special about tomorrow for me.  I don’t even get to sleep in.  However, it’s not even midnight yet and I’ve actually finished my sketch and am in the process of posting it.  Success!  I may even have some time to just relax and zen down a bit before going to bed.  Even better, I may actually get some sleep!  Okay … maybe I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself now.  Either way though, I’m glad that it’s Friday and that I’m actually not too far behind schedule for once. Continue reading

Day 176: A Very Wet and Splotchy Figure

A Very Wet and Splotchy FigureIn the end I decided to do another figure today after all.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to draw the mannequin two days in a row though.  As much fun as he is to draw I’m just not confident that I would have had anything new to bring to it if I drew him again today.  So to keep Figure Drawing Thursday alive despite yesterday’s mishap I decided to find a full figure photograph to draw for today. Continue reading

Day 175: A Mannequin in Distress

A Mannequin in DistressI may have forgotten what day of the week it was today.  I was all set to do another random photograph sketch when suddenly I panicked.  For some reason I had decided that it was Thursday and I didn’t want to miss my figure drawing day again.  So instead I sat down and drew mister Mannequin again.  Only later did I realize that it is in fact Wednesday, not Thursday.  I was right the first time.  *facepalm* Continue reading

Day 174: A Sad Old Elephant

A Sad Old ElephantI’ve got another watercolour sketch from the Something to Draw website for today.  It’s nice to be able to just flip through a completely random collection of photos and just draw whatever catches your eye without having any clue at all what you’re looking for.  I didn’t even set out to draw an animal today, although I do like getting at least one animal drawing a week in.  Still, I don’t think it would have occurred to me to try to draw an elephant.  Once I saw him though I knew right away that I wanted to take a shot at drawing him.  Continue reading

Day 173: A Study in Black and White

A Study of Black and WhiteI left my sketching pretty late again today.  I’m still working on building those better habits I keep talking about.  It’s an ongoing process.  I get the feeling it may be a lifelong process really.  I didn’t hit any kind of productivity groove until quite late in the day and by then I had accumulated a fairly daunting pile of things to do.  It was another one of those days when I was glad to have been introduced to the Something to Draw website.  I think trying to come up with something to draw may have been too daunting a task for me otherwise.  Continue reading