Day 345: Some More Random Faces and Fan Art

Baby Bae and the Rumple FaceI decided to do one last #OnceFanArtFriday just for the sake of it really.  I probably won’t be doing any more of these.  The show is on hiatus now.  It will be back in March but honestly I’m not sure how invested I’ll be anymore at that point.  I was extremely disappointed with the mid-season finale and am not overly excited about the direction it looks like the show will be heading in for the rest of the season and beyond.  Continue reading


Day 338: A Heartbreaker

HeartbreakerI’ve got a new portrait for this week’s #OnceFanArtFriday.  Actually I’m not sure if that’s even happening this week.  I’m pretty sure it didn’t actually happen last week.  Still, the mid-season finale is coming up this weekend so it’s the last proper hype for the show before the three month hiatus.  Besides, I’ve worked this whole Friday Fan Art thing into my routine now. Continue reading

Day 331: A Crocodile Pirate

The Crocodile PirateConsider yourself warned, I’m afraid I am far too tired right now to write anything remotely coherent.  It’s #OnceFanArtFriday once again so I managed to just about scrounge up enough energy for a pretty bad sketch.  I’m actually pretty excited for the upcoming episode so I chose a shot from the most recent preview for my reference.  Only two episodes to go before the hiatus.  It feels like the season just started. Continue reading

Day 317: A Charming Secret

A Charming SecretIt’s #OnceFanArtFriday again.  I had trouble deciding what to draw for it this week.  I had a couple of different ideas but I couldn’t find good reference shots for them and I wasn’t feeling up to losing the training wheels on this one yet.  In the end it was my husband who suggested that I draw Snow White.  It’s kind of strange that with all of the Once Upon a Time fan art I’ve drawn since falling in love with the show I had yet to draw either Snow White or the Evil Queen.  After all, that’s where it all starts.  Continue reading

Day 310: A Wizard, Some Princesses and a Bratty Monster

Merlin the Great and PowerfulApparently Friday is #OnceFanArtFriday.  This time the arbitrarily assigned weekly themed drawing day is not of my own invention.  I figure I draw so much Once Upon a Time fan art anyway though (so far at fairly random intervals) that I may as well participate.  I did have an idea for a more complicated drawing to do but I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I was just too tired to manage it.  So instead I settled for another simple portrait.  That’s pretty much the default for me.  For today’s portrait I chose Merlin. Continue reading