Some Cartoons in Colour this Time

OlafToday I ended up doing quite a few silly cartoon drawings.  I was only really intending to do the Olaf one.  One of my co-workers requested it for her daughter.  They’re moving at the end of the month and she wants to put it up in her daughter’s new bedroom to make it more friendly and less foreign feeling.  Her daughter is of course completely obsessed with Frozen, as a lot of kids these days seem to be.  I decided to pull out my copic markers for this one to give it a bit more colour.  It’s been a long time since I worked with colour and I wanted to give it a shot again. 

Of course once my other co-workers saw that they decided that they should make some more requests too.  So two of my other co-workers asked me to draw characters from Spirited Away.  I can’t say I was too bothered about that since I love that movie.

Radish SpiritHaku

All of these were a fun break from the usual Disney characters I’ve been drawing lately.  Of course technically one could argue that these are all still Disney characters.  Olaf certainly is but he’s a very different style of Disney character from the 3D animation team as opposed to the classical 2D Disney animation characters.  The other two belong to Studio Ghibli.  Disney just happens to be the American distributor for Studio Ghibli films now.  They are certainly a far cry from standard Disney characters though.

The spirited away characters were definitely my favourites to draw.  I’m much happier with how the radish spirit turned out than I am with Haku.  I didn’t really have the right colours for Haku either.  They were both still really fun to work with though.  It’s been a very long time since I attempted any Miyazaki characters so these were requests I was more than happy to fulfill.  It did feel a bit wrong doing Miyazaki characters in copic marker though.  They belong in pencil and watercolour.  Oh well.  They’ll just have to live with the new medium.  Next up is Betty Boop apparently.


12 thoughts on “Some Cartoons in Colour this Time

  1. Oh, Spirited Away is my absolute favorite movie! I think Haku looks great, but I agree the Radish Spirit is fantastic.

    How do you like those markers? I just got a basic set of something similar (the Prismacolor ones), but haven’t used them yet – and I’m wondering if I need a whole bunch to really get a range of colors…

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    1. Thank you :). My favourite is Nausicaa but Spirited Away is a very close second. It’s such an amazing movie.

      I like the copic markers. They’re fun to work with and I know you can do some pretty great things with them although I’m really just starting to get my feet wet. I know what you mean about wondering if you need a whole bunch though. For copics I know there are supposed to be ways to blend them so that you can get really good effects without having all of the colours. It’s probably the same with your Prismacolor ones. I haven’t really figured all that out yet though so I’m mostly still struggling with figuring out how to get the colours I have to work for me. I should probably look up some tutorials or something at some point. For now I’m mostly just playing around with them though.


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