Day 120: Some Sketches of People from Life

Quick Sketches of PeopleI had an appointment earlier today so I decided to do some quick sketches of people in the waiting area.  Unfortunately I only got a couple of these done before my name was called.

To fill up the page I did another quick self portrait from the mirror.  There’s not much to it since I wanted to do it in the same quick two minute style as the others.  Still, I suppose it will have to count as my self portrait for April.  Continue reading


Day 119: Another Batch of Beach Balls and Robot Heads

Another Batch of Robot HeadsFor today I decided to go back to doing some of my beach ball and robot head construction drawings.  These are pretty fun to do and my attention span and ability to focus are still quite suboptimal right now.  All of these were random poses chosen by rolling my Styrofoam ball around the desk and drawing it in whichever position it lands in.  I still haven’t decided if that’s enough to qualify these as life drawings or not but it’s definitely an interesting exercise.

Continue reading

Day 118: A Banana and a Hairbrush

A Banana and a HairbrushI’ve got some pretty slim offerings again today I’m afraid.  I’m still feeling pretty run down and just trying to rest and help my body fight off whatever bug it picked up.  I’ve been trying to eat pretty healthy for the last couple days for the same reason.  So to keep my sweet tooth satisfied I’m working my way through our fruit supply.  I tried a custard apple for the first time today.  It’s a pretty interesting tropical fruit and quite tasty.  I like the look of it too so it might be a good one to draw sometime.  Unfortunately we only had one and it got eaten so there weren’t any left to draw.  I had to settle for a banana instead.  Continue reading

Day 117: A View of a Room

A View of a RoomToday was another not so good day.  I seem to be having a lot of those lately.  I woke up this morning feeling quite run down.  I seem to have come down with something which might help to explain some of the focus issues I’ve been having lately.  2015 just doesn’t seem to be my year.  I had actually gotten myself to a really good state where I was hardly ever getting sick.  Now I seem to be getting sick a lot more often.  I’m going to have to start taking my health a bit more seriously again.  So today I was trying to take it a bit easy again.  My sketch for the day is just a quick drawing of my room.  I actually mostly just wanted to draw the sliding doors but it seemed silly not to put them in context.  Unfortunately I ran out of energy partway through the sketch.  These things happen.

Day 116: Another Hand Day Goes By

Another Strange HandI think my hands are definitely getting worse.  There’s some kind of bell shaped curve where they got better for a while and then started getting worse again.  Of course today wasn’t really a great day either so I may have just been lacking in focus a bit.  It’s hard to keep coming up with interesting poses for my hands after a while.  It really shouldn’t be since I’m moving them around all day.  It’s just one of those things.  There are a million different ways to pose my hand but whenever I’m on the spot trying to think of one my brain just flits between about three different poses.  Anyway, the point is just to keep practicing so that’s what I’m doing.

Day 115: A Bottle of Glue

PVA GlueI was feeling rather uninspired today.  I have no excuses really.  I was experimenting with some cookie recipes earlier so maybe I used up all of my creativity on that?  I don’t know.  Whatever the reason, I just didn’t feel like trying to draw anything complicated and didn’t have any particularly interesting simple ideas of things to draw.  So I give to you: a bottle of PVA glue.  This is about as mundane as it gets and as my husband said “not my best sketch yet”.  Still, at least it’s something.  It even qualifies as a life drawing and I haven’t really done too many of those in the last while.  Progress is still progress even when it’s slow.

Day 113: Various Attempts at Another Study

Failed Portrait Study - FinalI was actually starting to think that I might be getting better at this whole portrait drawing thing.  Then today happened.  I was just trying to do another one of my portrait studies but today for some reason I just could not get it right.  It probably doesn’t help that the only reference photo I have for my subject is a really low resolution scan.  Still, yesterday’s photo was quite low res too and I was much happier with the result.  I think part of the problem is that I can’t see the subject’s eyes in this picture.  It makes it much more difficult to feel the expression and capture the features somehow.

I made several attempt at this study but none of them looked right.  It’s quite discouraging.  This one is my final attempt (for today at least).  It’s not terrible but there’s definitely no likeness and it still just doesn’t look the way I want it to.  Continue reading

Day 112: Time for Another Full Portrait Study

Older Woman - Portrait StudyIt’s been a while since I actually finished a full portrait study.  I’ve started a few of them but haven’t been posting many finished ones.  So today I decided that it was high time that I took another shot at doing an actual portrait.  This isn’t anyone famous, just another study for the family portrait I’ve been preparing for.  I suppose this one isn’t exactly properly finished either but that’s just because I really didn’t care about her clothes at all.  I just wanted to get the face right.  On that front I think I was at least partially successful.  Continue reading