Drawings that People Actually Asked for! … Sort of

MonaLisaThis next collection of the unposted sketches of 2017 can be generously referred to as commissions, though I have yet to be paid anything in exchange for drawing something.  Most of these were, however, drawings that someone asked me to do.  Some of them were direct requests and others were indirect requests but most of them received at least a little bit more effort than my standard doodles and sketches.

The first one may be slightly cheating … This painting was actually from 2016, not 2017.  I just never got around to posting it.  This was a watercolour painting I did of the baby of of one my fellow students as a Secret Santa gift.  I had never met the child and I was working off of a black and white photo posted on Facebook so I had to make up all of the colours.  It was a bit challenging but I had a go at it anyway:


The next one was another indirect request.  One of my classmates jokingly asked me if I could draw a picture of a pug.  He has a thing for pugs and had been doodling them in a book.  Apparently he didn’t actually expect me to honour his request but this was the result:


Pugs are actually really difficult to draw!  Alright, next is the final pseudo-request before we move on to the actual requests.  This is the same one I have at the top of this post.  Another classmate asked me if I could draw eyes that look like they’re following you as in the case of the Mona Lisa.  My (perhaps too literal) response was to attempt to draw the actual Mona Lisa.  Again, quite difficult.  For some reason I made her a little bit green and I really don’t think her eyes are following anyone.  Overall I wasn’t happy with how it was going so I never ended up finishing it.


At long last, on to the drawings that people actually properly asked me to do! The first one was the son of another classmate.  This one was actually requested though and she provided me with a reference photo for it.  Actually, funnily enough, the reference photo for this one was in colour but I ended up doing a black and white sketch.  I really liked the facial expression on this little guy so that was my main focus.  The hands could probably use some work though.  I sent it to the woman who requested it and asked for any feedback so that I could make changes before finalising it but she never got back to me so it may be doomed to sit in limbo forever …

2017-04-14 22.46.12

The final drawing is actually a very recent one, though I doubt it shows any development in skill level.  If anything I’m probably a bit rusty.  One of my classmates asked for a new display picture for Facebook from me.  He liked the one that I drew for myself ages ago and has been pestering me to do ones for him ever since.  Actually some of the sketches I posted in the doodles section were previous display pictures I drew for him, though they were much quicker and rougher.  This one I drew for him for Graduation Day.


I’m not really sure on the shading for this one but I gave it a go anyway.  So that’s it for the drawings I’ve done at people’s requests so far in 2017.  Maybe I’ll get some more requests before the year is out.


5 thoughts on “Drawings that People Actually Asked for! … Sort of

    1. Thank you 🙂 I pretty much did that one on a whim and then gave up on it. I liked how it was going until I didn’t look at it for a day or two and then when I looked at it and compared it to the painting again I hated it … Oh well.

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      1. Yeah, definitely ended up being my own interpretation rather than a duplication … but considering how heavily I was using the original as a reference I’m still not entirely sure if that a good thing or not. It was still a fun experiment though.

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