A few more silly sketches and a wish for a time machine

sillydrag_resizedAs predicted I did not get much drawing done during my break.  Actually I think that this silly dragon sketch may be about the only thing I did draw during the actual break.  Well … there were a couple other silly little doodles too.  I never entirely stop drawing.  Those ones were even worse than this one is though and most of them were erased, deleted or just plain thrown in the bin.  Continue reading

Just Some Random Doodles

I had to do this one in a real rush so the drawings are really bad … but it’s not like there aren’t already a couple hundred of my worst drawings on this site so I’ll post it anyway.  This was the story of me.

I actually had a voice-over version but ended up just narrating it in person so I took the voice-over off before I published it.  It’s probably quite boring without it.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I’ll put it back on or just redo the whole thing or something at some point.  For now though, this is all I’ve got. Continue reading


reactionWhat is this … I don’t even …

I have no words to describe the utter shock, terror and depression that I have gone through today that the world has gone through today.

Hope seems to not really have a place in today’s world … especially for hard working women.

Also, my favourite drawing app has stopped working.

But that’s enough whining.  On with the rest of my life I suppose …

Sorry if I offended anyone.  Good luck to everyone I know who actually lives in America.

This is me

I was messing around with creating a new display picture and banner for myself on my various social media accounts.  I’m happier with the display picture than I am with the banner.  I have another idea for the banner that I may eventually get around to drawing and uploading here. Continue reading

Coming Up for Air Again

janitor2bAlright, so I got swallowed by the big black hole that is university again.  There’s no denying it and this time I make no promises that I’ll get back to posting with any kind of regularity over the coming months.  I still think about this space though and, more importantly, I still draw.  I just need to work on posting the things that I’m drawing.  That’s the part that falls to the wayside when I get swamped. Continue reading

Another (Bi-)Weekly Roundup and a Start to #WorldWaterColorMonth

So apparently I am terrible at updating this blog even when I don’t have University as an excuse.  I was away on a family vacation for a while but other than that my time has just been disappearing into the ether somehow.  It’s amazing how much time people (and cats) suddenly want to spend with you when you finally have some free time after having had your head buried in textbooks for the past few months.

I have not stopped sketching however.  Continue reading