Sketches from Graduation Day

PHD1About 18 months ago I started a ridiculously challenging condensed Masters Degree.  A two year program delivered in 18 months with all of the insanity that entails and essentially no breaks or time to come up for air.  One week ago today, I attended my graduation ceremony!  Yay!  I have finally completed the degree and the insanity is over.   The following sketches are my impressions from the graduation ceremony.  Now you can pretend that you were there with me watching me receive my hard-earned masters degree. Continue reading

Drawings that People Actually Asked for! … Sort of

MonaLisaThis next collection of the unposted sketches of 2017 can be generously referred to as commissions, though I have yet to be paid anything in exchange for drawing something.  Most of these were, however, drawings that someone asked me to do.  Some of them were direct requests and others were indirect requests but most of them received at least a little bit more effort than my standard doodles and sketches. Continue reading

The People I’ve Seen

CowboyDaveMy favourite things to sketch are and always have been people.  Sometimes I try to make up people but I’m still not very good at it and those are often my worst sketches.  So instead, I draw the people around me, be they friends, acquaintances or complete strangers who give me funny looks when they catch me.  So here’s a selection of a few of those from the past few months. Continue reading

Practice Sketches of the Last 7 Months

HeadPracticeMostly I’ve just been doodling at random over the past seven months.  I did however spend a little bit of time trying to develop my skills and drawing strategies in certain areas.  Primarily I was targeting heads and faces.  It seems like those have been my main focus for the past three years or so but I still feel pretty lost when it comes to drawing them consistently or following any of the proportion guidelines I’ve read.  Continue reading

First post of 2017!? How can this be?

KCPonderWell, it has clearly been an age since I last posted!  I can’t believe that I haven’t posted at all in 2017 yet!  We’re already seven months in.  It’s a travesty really.

The worst part is, I haven’t stopped drawing, I just stopped posting.  So now I have a quandary.  While I haven’t been drawing as often recently as I used to and would have liked to, I still have about 26 or so sketches to upload.  So do I do it all at once or in small doses?  Hmmm …. decisions decisions. Continue reading

A few more silly sketches and a wish for a time machine

sillydrag_resizedAs predicted I did not get much drawing done during my break.  Actually I think that this silly dragon sketch may be about the only thing I did draw during the actual break.  Well … there were a couple other silly little doodles too.  I never entirely stop drawing.  Those ones were even worse than this one is though and most of them were erased, deleted or just plain thrown in the bin.  Continue reading

Just Some Random Doodles

I had to do this one in a real rush so the drawings are really bad … but it’s not like there aren’t already a couple hundred of my worst drawings on this site so I’ll post it anyway.  This was the story of me.

I actually had a voice-over version but ended up just narrating it in person so I took the voice-over off before I published it.  It’s probably quite boring without it.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I’ll put it back on or just redo the whole thing or something at some point.  For now though, this is all I’ve got. Continue reading