Day 212: Just Another Disproportioned Person

A Poorly Proportioned WomanWell, so much for my sense of proportion improving.  I’m really not happy with this one.  I’m going to blame the lack of sleep … again.  Okay, so I can’t honestly say that a lack of sleep resulted in this poorly proportioned sketch.  It did however make me too tired to try for a better sketch to make up for the bad one.  Sadly this is all I’ve got in me for today.  Clearly I started at the wrong place again with this one. Continue reading


Day 211: Another Mannequin and Some Doodles

A Mannequin in ProportionI confess that I don’t have the best grip on the days of the week lately.  Nonetheless, I was fairly confident that today was Thursday so I happily went about sketching Mr. Mannequin as is my custom.  It didn’t actually occur to me to confirm the day of the week until after I was finished.  Luckily I was not mistaken this time.  It was in fact Thursday.  Good news as it means I won’t have to draw another figure tomorrow like I did last time I got confused about the days of the week.  I seem to finally be getting a hold on this whole Thursday figure drawing, Sunday hand drawing routine.  Continue reading

Day 210: A Sketchy Looking Koala

A Sketchy Looking KoalaAlright so yesterday was pretty much a whole lot of nothing but now I’m back to good ol’ Something To Draw.  Today’s random photo of choice was submitted by marinfinito.  It is perhaps the most interesting looking koala I have ever seen so I couldn’t resist the urge to sketch it.  I mean koala’s spend 99.9% of their time either sleeping or chewing and sometimes both.  This little guy however is amazingly doing neither and he’s sporting an interesting expression to boot.  Definite props to the photographer on that one.  It was a pleasure to sketch. Continue reading

Day 209: Some More Random Faces (… and partial faces)

More Random Faces and Partial FacesI’m going to try to keep this relatively short because I’m completely exhausted.  I’m still not fully recovered yet and I had a pretty strenuous day so I’m ridiculously tired and just hoping I didn’t set myself back.  While I was out I made a couple attempts at sketching but was mostly unsuccessful.

I started sketching a chair in a waiting room.  I’m not sure if I was planning to draw anything beyond that, it wasn’t a very interesting waiting room, but I had barely even started on the chair when I was called into my appointment.  Continue reading

Day 208: Another Bizarre Looking Child

Another Bizarre Looking ChildI decided to attempt something a bit more interesting for today’s sketch.  I think I may have been suffering from some Something To Draw withdrawal after the last few days.  I had a hankering to try drawing a random person again so I fired up my favourite website with the filter set to “people”.  The photo that caught my attention was another infant photo.  This one was submitted by wazari. Continue reading

Day 207: Some Bizarro Hands

Weird Woobly HandI mentioned my quality control issues of late, yes?  I’m just not on my game right now.  I mean I’m still not entirely sure that I have a game, except that I know that I’m off it.  Truth be told I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend.  It’s really very annoying.  I’m not sure if I’m actually sick or not but every time I attempt to do something or concentrate on anything by body seems to make some pretty strong objections.  Silly body.  We just don’t seem to be on the same page. Continue reading

Day 206: Just for Fun

Impressions of an X-FileToday’s sketch is just some random impressions really.  I’m not doing so well with quality control lately but today I didn’t feel like worrying too much about that.  I had a bit of a rough couple of days and I really felt like drawing just for the fun of it and not even attempting to create any kind of masterpiece … or even anything worth seeing really.  Sometimes I feel like more learning happens in rough doodles anyway. Continue reading

Day 205: Quantity Over Quality

A Pair of EyesOne of the things I’m enjoying about switching from my watercolour sketchbook to this new all pen sketchbook is how much less time it takes me to do a sketch.  I figured that I agreed to do a sketch a day, not a painting a day so I always started my watercolours with a pencil sketch anyway.  That means that a pen sketch takes me at most the same amount of time that Stage 1 of my watercolour sketches took, before I even pulled out my paint.  It’s a pretty big relief being able to finish a sketch in under an hour again.  The watercolours were fun but they took me stupidly long to do.  I have yet to learn how to do quick watercolours. Continue reading

Day 204: Back to the Mannequin! This I can handle … sort of

A Disproportionate MannequinThank goodness for Figure Drawing Thursday.  After yesterday’s fiasco I was pretty grateful for any excuse to aim for something a little simpler.  Along comes Mr. Mannequin.  He’s so accommodating.  Well, except when it comes to posing of course.  I’m sure it’s not his fault that he’s not too flexible though.  Perhaps in his youth he could have twisted himself into much more interesting poses.  Alas, those days are long past.  These days he’s just too stiff to do anything too exciting. Continue reading