Squirrels and Other Random Doodles

SquirrelI haven’t been drawing anything terribly interesting lately. Mostly I’ve just been doodling in my sketchbook experimenting with various things that don’t really turn out. I did start on that Darth Vader sketch at one point but I never quite finished it. Maybe I will at some point. He’s just so complicated and I am way too invested in getting him right. It’s a frustrating combination.

Awkward FacesPens and Doodles

Today though I had a new request from one of my co-workers. This time she just suggested a squirrel. I started with a sketch of a real squirrel. My pen was running out of ink which made it a bit troublesome but it was nice to draw an actual animal again. Then I drew some Disney squirrels just for good measure.

Arthur and Hazel


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