Mr. Mannequin Takes Off

Mannequin TakeoffAlright, this is definitely a guilt post to make up for going so long in between posting.  This way at least I’ll have my minimum of two posts for the week.  I’ll figure out a more regular schedule later.  Besides, it’s Figure Drawing Thursday today.  If nothing else I can at least get my weekly mannequin sketch up.  I know how much everyone loves Mr. Mannequin after all.  He’s quite the popular guy.  I myself have grown so attached to him I’m not sure I’ll ever bring myself to transition on to proper figure drawings.  He is still giving me a better understanding of how those are constructed though.

I actually did do a page of random doodles today too but I’m not going to post them right now because I forgot about them when I was uploading my mannequin sketch and I don’t want to go through the whole upload process again.  I may upload them in my next post if I remember.  The other thing I did was fix yesterday’s Goku sketch.  I had somehow completely forgotten to colour in his tongue.  Luckily my supervisor hadn’t given the drawing to her son yet so I was able to fix it.  It’s a very small change but it makes a pretty big difference.  I’m now definitely calling it done though so if anyone notices any other glaring errors please just don’t tell me about them.  Let me live in ignorance.

Goku Final


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