Day 90: Random Doodles and Quick Sketches in Transit

Girl on BusToday was another out and about type of day and I didn’t get home until very very late.  I did a few quick doodles and sketches while I was out in town with my husband though and on the way back home.  This first one is actually one of the last ones I did.  It was of a girl on the bus we were taking back home.  When I decided to draw her she was listening to music and not paying much attention to anything so she seemed like a good subject.  Unfortunately she quickly became more attentive and I was trying not to appear stalkerish.  As a result of that and the fact that I have a slight tendency towards motion sickness I didn’t get much detail here and didn’t achieve a good likeness. Continue reading


Day 89: Another Portrait Study

Another Portrait StudyToday I decided to do another portrait study of a woman in an old photo.  This is another personal portrait and not anyone who would be recognizable to anyone else.  Actually she probably wouldn’t be recognizable even if anyone did know her.  This one didn’t quite turn out as well as I would have liked.  It was another difficult angle to capture.

I think it’s good to practice some of these difficult angles though even if it does result in some pretty strange looking portraits.  Continue reading

Day 88: A Killer Headache and a Strange Looking Hand

Live Long and ProsperI have a killer headache today.  I’ve been stressing out over various computer related problems for most of the day.  Apparently my head is not very happy about all of this and is lodging some rather loud formal complaints.

That’s pretty much the only excuse I have to offer for this rather strange looking hand.

Live long and prosper.

Day 87: A British Actor, A Robot Head, and Some More Beach Balls

Celebrity Sketch - Process Drawing - 6 - Finished SketchI had an idea for a subject I really wanted to do so today I did another celebrity portrait.  See if you can guess who he is.  He’s a British actor who’s not quite as famous as he could have been but still fairly well known despite his best efforts.  Silly man quit a popular TV show due to a fear of being type cast.  I can understand how that would be a genuine concern for an actor but he should have known better.  That ship already sailed as soon as he agreed to do just one season in the role.

I actually think this sketch turned out fairly well.  I constructed it from the ground up and it actually worked this time.  If only I knew what I did differently so that I could repeat it.  Maybe all of those beach balls are actually helping somehow or maybe I just got lucky with this one.  He does have quite a distinctive face.  I’m thinking anyone who actually knows him will probably recognize him.  Continue reading

Day 86: Going Super Basic

So the “go to bed early at any cost” plan backfired … Epically. Did I go to bed early?(er than usual) Yes. Did I get any sleep at all? Not so much, no. I’m not sure what the lesson here is. I suppose I’ll just have to keep trying.

Meanwhile I also ended up not getting home until really late tonight (partially related). As a result I was feeling incredibly tired with very little time for drawing, at least if I had any hope of sleeping at all.

I did, however, promise to do some figure drawings today! I haven’t forgotten. So figure drawings you will get … Sort of. What I’m trying to say really is: Here’s some stick figures. Enjoy.

Continue reading

Day 85: Of Lamps and Beach Balls and Early Bedtimes

The LampToday I really am going to go to bed early at all costs.  I figured that if this was to be achieved I ought not to try anything too ambitious for today’s sketch.  I decided on a simple still life.  I haven’t done very many of those lately and they don’t take me as long as portrait attempts do (even bad ones).  Besides, the lamp was just sitting there asking to be drawn.  It turns out I maybe shouldn’t have listened to it.  This isn’t exactly my best still life ever and not just because I misjudged the scale and ended up not being able to fit the whole lamp on the page.  I actually had a lot of difficulty with the perspective on this one.  The base  of the lamp was particularly difficult to figure out.  I probably could have done a bit better if I spent more time on it but I didn’t want to get too bogged down in anything, particularly after yesterday’s disastrous portrait. Continue reading

Day 84: More Beachballs and a New Portrait Attempt

Portrait of a Famous ActorI decided to do another celebrity portrait today.  I’m not quite sure what possessed me.  It really interfered with my go to bed early at any cost plan.  I’m really not happy with how this one turned out either.  I definitely got the eyes completely off.  This is what happens when I don’t make sure the line drawing is right before moving on to the shading stage.  It’s also what happens when I hold my sketchbook at strange angles while shading.  Oh well, live and learn I suppose.  He is super famous so maybe someone will be able to guess who it is despite the bad proportions.  What do you think? Anyone up to the challenge? Continue reading

Day 83: More Robot Heads and Other Silly Things

More Robot HeadsToday I just wasn’t having a good drawing day.  I’m not quite sure why.  I spent a long time trying to figure out what to draw.  This involved a big long argument with myself about what I ought to draw versus what I wanted to draw.  In the end I decided that I just wanted to draw more robot heads so I went for it.

Unfortunately I just felt like I couldn’t really get the hang of these today.  It took me forever just to get one down and I just couldn’t get it to look right.  I was probably over thinking it a bit.  All of them just kept feeling off and in the end I wasn’t happy with any of them. Continue reading

Day 82: Computer Issues

CapricaI have been having some computer problems lately that have been leaving me feeling quite frustrated and uninspired.  This is a drawing of the specific computer in question, so I suppose it qualifies as a life drawing.  It’s strange, I’d never actually considered drawing my computer before.

I was just feeling very unenthusiastic and casting about woefully for something to draw.  While I was trying to figure out a good subject my mind drifted back to my computer problems and how aggravating they are.  Then suddenly the two thought paths coincided for a split second.  Well, I suppose I could draw that, I thought. Continue reading