More Hands and Mannequins and Other Things

Hand with a twisted ring fingerI’ve been a bit incommunicado this weekend so I have a bit of catching up to do.  I did manage to get the mannequin sketch done on Thursday even though I never posted it.  I still insist on maintaining my Figure Drawing Thursdays and Sunday Hand Sketches so those are basically my main priorities.  They’re also the main life drawing I actually do these days and my best chances at actually finishing my charcoal sketchbook someday.  Of course usually I don’t post both of them on the same day.  Hopefully this week will be the exception and not the new rule.

So today’s sketch was my usual Sunday Hand Sketch.  The mannequin sketch was from Thursday.  On Friday I didn’t do much in the way of traditional drawing but I did draw a picture of Yoda on a chalkboard at another co-worker’s request.  It’s not my best drawing of all time.  Chalk is quite difficult to work with.  I don’t know how people manage to produce such amazing works of art with it.

Coy MannequinCreepy Gremlin Yoda


5 thoughts on “More Hands and Mannequins and Other Things

    1. Yes, chalk is a bit like bigger bulkier charcoal but with none of the benefits. You can’t really smudge it and when you try to draw overtop or thicken a line it just does strange things. Definitely not my favourite medium.

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