Tired #inktober


Because I miss sketching with ink and today’s #inktober prompt really resonated with me …

I got about three hours of sleep last night due to university assignments.  This is me today.

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Day 304: Dragonfire on All Hallows’ Eve

MaleficentToday’s #drawlloween prompt is another one of my favourites, “dragon”.  I love dragons.  I’m not sure it’s really the most Halloweeny prompt in the world to end on for the final day of #drawlloween, Halloween itself.  Nonetheless, it is an awesome one so I tried to have fun with it.

Admittedly I’ve tried, and failed, to draw dragons many times over the years.  My skills still aren’t quite up to that particular challenge.  Continue reading

Day 303: Sleepy Spider Sketch Spam

The Mouse SpiderOkay, I don’t really have much to say here.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “spider”.  This is all I’ve got on that right now.  I’m horribly sleep deprived, ridiculously tired, up stupidly late again and suffering from a head wound.  That’s a pretty terrible combination.  I think I’d better go to bed now. Continue reading

Day 302: A Selection of Scarecrows

The Crow ReaperI’m actually really enjoying doing multiple sketches per prompt.  Somehow it seems to take the pressure off a bit.  I get to experiment more and have fun with it.  So far it’s having exactly the intended effect.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “scarecrow” and that was a pretty fun one to work with.  Apparently my imagination does a bit better at furnishing me with images of scarecrows than it does with rats and witches. Continue reading

Day 301: Black Cats Deserve Love Too

A Black Charcoal KittenToday’s #drawlloween prompt was “black cat”.  That’s another prompt that I can really get behind.  I absolutely love black cats.  In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Don’t tell all the other kinds of cats but black cats are actually my favourites.  My mother and brother acquired a black cat about 2 years before I was born and I loved her dearly.  Being born into a household that already contained a black cat pretty much created a lifelong bias that I have done absolutely nothing to overcome. Continue reading

Day 300: A Pair of Witches

The Wicked WitchToday is my 300th day in a row of sketching.  I’m not sure I ever truly believed that I’d make it this far but I am very glad that I did.  Only 65 days left in my Sketch a day challenge.  Then I’ll have to decide in what form I want to continue past that.  I very much doubt that I’ll give this up entirely though.  It’s been a really great experience so far. Continue reading

Day 299: A Bit of a Rat’s Nest

Charcoal RatIt occurs to me that I started this journey not to show off any kind of artistic skills or talent (which I certainly didn’t possess) but rather to challenge myself.  I’m almost 300 days in now, nearing the finish line of the one-year challenge and I feel like I’ve gone astray.  Ironically, participating in some of these October sketching challenges is one of the things that brought this to the forefront of my mind. Continue reading

Day 298: The Day of Four Sketches

Imhotep Summons YouTechnically only three of these sketches were actually necessary.  The fourth one was a bonus, an idea that occurred to me at the last minute.  I can’t wait for October to be over.  I didn’t actually spend very long on any of these though.  I’m sure that shows.  Once again I left it far too late for no particular reason and then ended up rushing through my sketches.  The lesson I think I learned today is that I’m much better at rushing and BSing ink sketches than I am charcoal ones.  No big surprise there I suppose.  I’m still not really used to drawing with charcoal. Continue reading

Day 297: A Skeleton Pleads His Case

A Skeleton Pleads His CaseToday I am defying my self-imposed rules.  I’m a rebel.  I will not be held to all of these rules.  You can’t contain my spirit.  Well … mostly I’m just tired.  That’s a boring story though that’s been told a million times before.  The point is that I am making an active choice here.  That choice really mostly just involves doing an ink sketch rather than and ink and charcoal sketch.  Pretty out there, I know. Continue reading