Just Another Day

I’m beginning to catch up now. Second day back. Nothing much interesting going on today but I did get a little bit of sketching in. Continue reading


Still Alive / Just Keep Swimming …

So apparently it has been about five months since my last post.  Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth there.  I started an accelerated masters program at University a few months ago and it is far more intensive than I expected.  Pretty much everything has fallen to the wayside.  No time for friends, family, healthy eating, sleep, or (sadly) much drawing.  Basically all of my time over the last few months has been spent either going to class or working on assignments.

The good news is: I’m off for the next month!  Yay!  Pretty much the first thing I did was start drawing again.  Literally.  I finished my last assignment on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday morning I woke up and started on this sketch for a friend of mine Continue reading