Day 273: Just a Colossal Waste of Ink

A Colossal Waste of InkWell, I decided to draw an animal this week after all.  This time in the choice between a random Something To Draw photo and a drawing of a black swan, the black swan won out.  None of the random photos jumped out at me today and I was more in the mood for swans today that I was yesterday.  Anyway, this one was just so cute with its little ugly ducklings. Continue reading


Day 272: A Stinky Secret?

A Stinky SecretSo I was going to draw an animal again this Tuesday.  Really, I was.  It’s a good thing I didn’t make it official though because it seems that didn’t really work out so much for me this week.  I thought about picking a specific animal and just doing a google image search.  It probably would have ended up being a swan though.  Not that that’s bad but I wasn’t sure if I really felt like drawing a swan today so I decided to let Something To Draw choose for me.  Continue reading

Day 271: The Dark Swan Rises

The Dark Swan RisesThe new season of Once Upon a Time just started.  I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to watch the premiere.  I believe that I have mentioned my crazy fangirl obsession with this show once or twice before.  I was a bit worried for how the new season would go but I was actually overall quite happy with the premiere and am now even more excited for the rest of the season.  So for today’s sketch I decided to do another character from the show.  Originally I had thought that I would probably just try for another Rumpelstiltskin sketch.  He is after all my favourite character.  After seeing the episode though I just couldn’t resist taking a shot at drawing the Dark Swan.  She is just so magnificent. Continue reading

Day 270: A Simple Hand Sketch

A Simple Hand SketchI’m fairly certain that I’ve done this pose before.  Possibly multiple times.  I seem to be very unoriginal indeed when it come to hand poses.  I suppose thirty-eight weekly hand sketches in though these things are bound to start getting a bit repetitive.  Anyway I think this is probably my favourite pose.  It just feels so natural for me.  I’m sure my hand does do other things but this is one of only about two poses that always come to mind when I’m specifically trying to come up with a pose. Continue reading

Day 269: Portrait of a Husband

Portrait of a HusbandI had a fun day out today. It involved fireworks and All You Can Eat Sushi and, of course, another very late night. All in all I can’t say it wasn’t worth it but I am completely and utterly exhausted. My body has developed a firm routine. I wake up early regardless of when I go to sleep. In some ways that’s good but it does make late nights doubly rough, especially on weekends when I could otherwise sleep in.

Anyway, in some desperate attempt to curtail how late I might stay up tonight my husband offered to be a model for today’s sketch. Continue reading

Day 268: Just Another Wildly Inaccurate Self Portrait

Just Another Wildly Inaccurate Self PortraitI am definitely moving in the wrong direction again here.  Somehow I seem to have drifted to an even later sketch time today resulting in even greater fatigue.  This is definitely not a positive trend.

Anyway, Teresa over at One Good Thing challenged us all to do monthly self-portraits on the 25th of each month.  This is my contribution for the month.  It may be an hour or so late but I just about managed to squeeze it in there.  Continue reading

Day 267: A Staggeringly Disproportionate Mannequin Sketch

A Staggeringly Disproportionate Mannequin SketchI really have been trying really hard to fix my sleeping schedule.  All in all it’s actually working relatively well.  I’m still working off a bit of a sleep debt and I woke up about fifty times last night but other than that it’s going great!  At least I’ve been getting to bed earlier.  The downside to all of this is that I also get tired much earlier in the day.  So today was one of those days when I didn’t get around to doing my sketch until it was around the time my body was telling me I should already be lying in bed trying to sleep.  While that was actually much earlier in the day this time than all of the previous times I’ve made that excuse, the effects were surprisingly no less potent. Continue reading

Day 266: Another Shot at Beauty

Another Shot at BeautyWell, it’s been almost a week since my last TV show character sketch.  I’ve really been wanting to give this one another try though so I decided to just go for it.  This is another favourite character of mine and she is surprisingly difficult to draw.  I think I have more trouble with women than I do with men.  Young and beautiful women are especially difficult to draw.  I suppose the reason for that is similar to the reason why children are so difficult to draw.  Older people tend to have more prominent facial structures and recognizable features.  Those make it much easier to capture a likeness. Continue reading

Day 265: A Male Puku Lounging

A Male Puku LoungingSo apparently this here is a male puku.  I suppose you learn something new every day.  According to wikipedia a puku is a medium sized type of antelope native to Tanzania.  That makes me feel a little bit less ignorant because when I saw the reference photo for this the first word that sprung to my mind was “antelope”.  It’s good to know than I was not wrong.  There are just whole subspecies of antelopes that I had no idea about.  Another wiki click tells me that “antelope” is actually a wastebasket taxon, which is pretty much what it sounds like Continue reading