Day 272: A Stinky Secret?

A Stinky SecretSo I was going to draw an animal again this Tuesday.  Really, I was.  It’s a good thing I didn’t make it official though because it seems that didn’t really work out so much for me this week.  I thought about picking a specific animal and just doing a google image search.  It probably would have ended up being a swan though.  Not that that’s bad but I wasn’t sure if I really felt like drawing a swan today so I decided to let Something To Draw choose for me.  I know it’s a crutch but it’s actually been a little while since I relied on it.  Actually, true story, I just checked and it’s been exactly a week since I last used my favourite website.

So I pulled up the old faithful Something To Draw website.  I set the filter to animals, just like last week.  You see, I really did have every intention of drawing an animal.  It just so happened that the first photo that really captured my attention was this one, submitted by Maurizio Peddis.  I just couldn’t resist trying to draw this little kid.  What a great opportunity to practice drawing children and get in a bit more hand drawing practice at the same time.  Just don’t ask me why he showed up under the animal filter.  He sure doesn’t look like an animal to me, no more so than the rest of us anyway.


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