Day 265: A Male Puku Lounging

A Male Puku LoungingSo apparently this here is a male puku.  I suppose you learn something new every day.  According to wikipedia a puku is a medium sized type of antelope native to Tanzania.  That makes me feel a little bit less ignorant because when I saw the reference photo for this the first word that sprung to my mind was “antelope”.  It’s good to know than I was not wrong.  There are just whole subspecies of antelopes that I had no idea about.  Another wiki click tells me that “antelope” is actually a wastebasket taxon, which is pretty much what it sounds like, just a miscellaneous grouping of similar species that don’t fall into predefined categories.  So it’s not really a species at all but a class encompassing 91 different species of which the puku is one.  That’s a whole lot more information than I had in my head half an hour ago.  My mind is pretty much blown.

Who knew you could learn so much just by choosing a random photo to draw for the day?  A while ago I decided that I liked the idea of doing at least one animal sketch a week.  I like drawing animals, not quite as much as I like drawing people, but I still like it.  So I was toying with the idea of assigning an “Animal Drawing Day”, the way I have a “Figure Drawing Thursday” and “Hand Drawing Sunday”.  I don’t really want to end up regimenting all of the days of the week though so in the end I decided to be a bit less rigid about this one and just keep it kicking around in the back of my mind.

When I was considering a specific day to assign to animal drawings though I was leaning towards Tuesday.  So when I couldn’t decide on anything specific to draw for today I decided to just filter the usual Something To Draw site by ‘animals‘.  That is what led me to the puku, courtesy of a lovely photo submitted by Achim.


9 thoughts on “Day 265: A Male Puku Lounging

    1. Lol, it does seem like quite a strange name for a species of antelope. I was quite surprised when I saw it. I don’t really think it would suit a small rodent much better but maybe a medium to large sized rodent …

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  1. I agree with Laura about the graceful, flowing lines! I love the way you drew the head turning. 🙂

    I only go by scientific taxonomies (tracing all the way up to the 6 kingdoms and 3 domains). I don’t like colloquial names because one continent’s “buzzard,” for example, isn’t the same as another continent’s. 🙂

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