Day 270: A Simple Hand Sketch

A Simple Hand SketchI’m fairly certain that I’ve done this pose before.  Possibly multiple times.  I seem to be very unoriginal indeed when it come to hand poses.  I suppose thirty-eight weekly hand sketches in though these things are bound to start getting a bit repetitive.  Anyway I think this is probably my favourite pose.  It just feels so natural for me.  I’m sure my hand does do other things but this is one of only about two poses that always come to mind when I’m specifically trying to come up with a pose.

Despite this technically being a life drawing, drawn from my own hand, I wasn’t entirely going for realism on this one.  I wanted to take advantage of the new ink cartridge by going for nice clean lines this time.  I didn’t entirely succeed with that but I think the effort led to an interesting effect.  It’s interesting to see what happens when you commit to a line, regardless of whether it feels right or not.


8 thoughts on “Day 270: A Simple Hand Sketch

  1. As usual, I like your drawing a lot! In art school (I’ve never attended but I heard this is the case, at least in classic art schools), you’re suppose to draw the same thing (object, person) over and over again until you know it thoroughly to hone your skills, and that’s what you’re doing with your hand. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it certainly is. I figure hands are difficult so I need all the practice I can get. Even with all the practice I still screw them up completely at least half of the time when I’m drawing an actual person and not just a hand.

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