Day 243: Another Sketch Rescued by Liberal Shading

A Woman in ContemplationIt is once again very late and I am completely exhausted.  I hate computers.  They are nothing but a nuisance.  I actually did two sketches today but one of them went completely wrong and I all but scrapped it.  This is the second one.  I wanted to get at least one worthwhile sketch in despite my late start.  This was once again based on a random photo from Something To Draw.  It was submitted by mdiepraam.  Once again I had to rescue a less than satisfactory line drawing with some pretty liberal shading to get a result that I was happy with.  In the end I am relatively happy with it though.  It doesn’t look too much like the actual subject but I like it nonetheless. Continue reading


Day 242: A Shady Hand

A Shady HandToday was another long day.  I really wish my computers would stop breaking down on me.  It’s somewhat frustrating just how dependent I am on them really.  Luckily today was hand day so the sketch was fairly simple to do.  At least I didn’t have to spend a lot of time finding something good to draw.  Although it did still take me a while to choose a hand pose.  My hand has been very uncreative lately. Continue reading

Day 241: Flamingo Love

Flamingo LoveI’ve been drawing lots of people lately and no animals.  I haven’t picked an official animal drawing day or anything but I do like to get in at least one animal drawing a week if I remember.  I suppose this is my last chance for this week.  It took me forever to pick a photo that I wanted to draw again today though.  In the end I chose a nice photo of two flamingos from Something to Draw submitted by lumer-photo-passion-83. Continue reading

Day 240: Another August Birthday

Big Bother and Little SillyOkay, I’m ready for people to stop having birthdays now.  No, seriously.  There are just too many of them in August.  That includes my own too.  I’ve known four other people who shared my birthday.  I’m absolutely convinced that it’s an inordinately popular month for birthdays.

Today was my brother’s birthday so that’s who I did this sketch for.  Continue reading

Day 239: A Quick Sleepy Mannequin Sketch

Quick Sleepy Mannequin SketchWell I don’t know if Mr. Mannequin is sleepy or not but I most certainly am.  I had a long day today.  It was a good one, don’t get me wrong.  Much fun was had and it was better than the last few days have been for me.  Nonetheless, it was long and it got really really late again entirely without my permission.  So I’m afraid I didn’t spend much time on this week’s mannequin sketch.  I didn’t move him, didn’t pose him, didn’t even touch him.  I just drew him as he stood and that was it. Continue reading

Day 238: Blowing Out the Birthday Candles

Blowing Out the Birthday CandlesIt seems I managed to survive yesterday’s misadventures and I even got around to sketching a little bit less horrifically late.  Okay, it’s still pretty late but at least I started before midnight today.  Progress is being made.  Slow slow progress but progress nonetheless.

Anyway, today is my father-in-law’s birthday so I decided to take a shot at a quick birthday sketch for him.  Continue reading

Day 237: Pas Tres Belle

Pas Tres BelleAlright, full disclosure:  I am completely and utterly failing at this new resolution of mine.  That being said, I’m still not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.  I may yet succeed at actually getting sketches done earlier in the day, even if I am only … what is it? 1 for 6 or something like that I think right now.  Today, however, definitely did not go well.  I am completely exhausted and in no insignificant amount of pain.  My hand is all burned from spilling boiling hot tea all over my hand and then gripping the cup desperately, even as boiling water continued to flow over due to my shaking hand, so as not to shatter it on the floor while fumbling with the door.  Not exactly my finest hour. Continue reading

Day 236: The Rumpel Returns

At Your ServiceI warned you this day would come.  Actually I should go back and tally all of the subjects that I’ve threatened to come back sometime to and see what percentage of them I’ve actually followed through on.  I have a feeling it’s not very high.  I can remember at least a couple subjects that I swore I’d take another shot at and then promptly forgot about.  Bad habits, bad habits.  Nonetheless, I’m afraid my Rumpelstiltskin obsession is still going strong so that one was a threat I was bound to follow through on. Continue reading

Day 235: Good Hand, Bad Hand

Hand of Contrast I seem to have developed a favourite pose for my hand sketches.  I can’t say for sure why I keep coming back to this one.  I suppose part of the reason is just because it’s a comfortable pose for me that I tend to settle into quite easily.  Then after the first few times it also became one of the easiest hand poses for me to draw, just because I had more practice with it.  Anyway, when I’m feeling tired or uncreative or I’m just looking for something that I know I can pull off, this is the pose I tend to settle on.  Today I had a bit more fun with it by adding the shadows.  That made for an interesting change. Continue reading