Another (Bi-)Weekly Roundup and a Start to #WorldWaterColorMonth

So apparently I am terrible at updating this blog even when I don’t have University as an excuse.  I was away on a family vacation for a while but other than that my time has just been disappearing into the ether somehow.  It’s amazing how much time people (and cats) suddenly want to spend with you when you finally have some free time after having had your head buried in textbooks for the past few months.

I have not stopped sketching however.  Continue reading


Another Week in Review: Featuring Deadpool, the Cheshire Cat and a Dancing Mannequin

DeadpoolSo this weekly posting thing seems to be a thing that’s happening now.  I still haven’t really decided if that’s what I’m going to settle on or not but right now that’s where I’m at.  For the time being I’m doing daily sketches with weekly posts and that seems to be working out okay.  I don’t have any trouble drawing something every day that way and that’s really the part that’s important to me.  It does still feel strange posting a Thursday Mannequin Sketch and a Sunday Hand Sketch at the same time though.  The hand sketch is almost a week old at this point.  That may be the longest I’ve ever waited to post one, though possibly not by much. Continue reading

Mr. Mannequin Takes Off

Mannequin TakeoffAlright, this is definitely a guilt post to make up for going so long in between posting.  This way at least I’ll have my minimum of two posts for the week.  I’ll figure out a more regular schedule later.  Besides, it’s Figure Drawing Thursday today.  If nothing else I can at least get my weekly mannequin sketch up.  I know how much everyone loves Mr. Mannequin after all.  He’s quite the popular guy.  I myself have grown so attached to him I’m not sure I’ll ever bring myself to transition on to proper figure drawings.  He is still giving me a better understanding of how those are constructed though. Continue reading

Another Thursday Mannequin Sketch

Special Agent MannequinStill nothing too terribly exciting going on. Here’s my weekly mannequin sketch for Figure Drawing Thursday though. I’m not sure Mr. Mannequin is up to anything terribly exciting either really. He’s still going though and so am I.  Between the two of us we’ll get this figure drawing thing worked out eventually.

Tarzan the Ape Man

TarzanOkay, so I’m about a day behind on my posts right now but they’re still happening and I’m still drawing so at least that’s something.  I’m not doing quite so well with all of these specific drawing days though.  I’m afraid I’ll be missing Draw a Bird Day this month.  It’s just too late in the day right now.  I had another crazy busy day where I was out and about until quite late and now I’m ridiculously tired and I’m declaring sleep my priority. Continue reading

Day 365: Yatta!

YattaI did it! Today is New Year’s Eve. I have officially done a minimum of one sketch a day every single day of 2015. It wasn’t always easy. I can’t honestly say that I completed a sketch every single calendar day or within 24 hours of the last sketch. What I can say however is that between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night for every single day of 2015 I drew and uploaded a sketch onto this blog. There were at least a couple of occasions where the sun had actually risen on the next day by the time I got the picture posted. I still got it done before going to bed though, even if my sleeping habits were somewhat questionable at times. So I am counting it as a success over all. I actually completed at least one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015! Yay! Let’s not talk about any other resolutions I may or may not have made, particularly as relates to sleeping. Continue reading

Day 358: Celebrating Christmas Eve with Mr. Mannequin

Mr. Mannequin's Christmas Eve CelebrationWell it may be Christmas Eve but it is still a Thursday!  That makes it Figure Drawing Thursday and I wouldn’t want to stand up poor old Mr. Mannequin on Christmas Eve.  That would just be cruel.  So after finally finishing a round of Christmas baking that took far too long in my tiny little convection microwave I sat down to do my weekly mannequin sketch.  I think Mr. Mannequin was quite happy to join in the celebration. Continue reading

Day 351: Celebrating with Mr. Mannequin

Celebrating with Mr. MannequinToday was a pretty exciting day for me.  It’s still super late.  I’m still way too tired.  I’m still not going to be getting enough sleep tonight.  For once though, I’m actually still finishing the day pretty upbeat.  It’s a pretty nice change.  So I decided to celebrate with Mr. Mannequin.  It is still Figure Drawing Thursday after all and the gods of figure drawing must be appeased.  The fact that I had a clear idea of what to draw actually made things easier for me once again and I’ve grown quite fond of my Mr. Mannequin.  It’s nice to see that he’s happy for me. Continue reading