Day 334: Still Not Me

Still Not MeI had another busy day today.  So just to recap: Friday was super busy and I was on my feet all day.  Saturday I suffered the consequences and was completely zonked out all day.  That night I got hardly any sleep because I kept waking up feeling sick.  Somehow I still managed to have slightly more energy on Sunday than on Saturday despite the lack of sleep.  Then today I had another super busy day, had to head back into the city and spent the majority of the day on my feet again.  Here’s hoping I don’t wake up feeling like crap again.  It would be nice if these things could continue to restrict themselves to the weekends. Continue reading


Day 333: A Ghoulish Hand Sketch

A Ghoulish HandI don’t really know what happened with today’s hand sketch.  I tried to fix it as I was going but I’m not quite sure I succeeded.  It ended up looking a bit elongated and bizarre.  It probably doesn’t help that it’s going off the page either.  That wasn’t entirely according to plan.  Oh well, it was an experiment, just another step along the way I suppose. Continue reading

Day 332: Things That Start With A

A Charcoal AppleWell it seems that my body has once again decided to give up on me and take matters into its own hands.  I can’t say that I blame it really.  Clearly I can’t be trusted to do what’s in its best interest.  If anything I appreciate its attempts to make me see reason.  I’m glad it’s doing what it can to look out for me … or at least try to force me to look out for myself.  It doesn’t exactly make for the most productive weekend but I am at least grateful that it waited until the weekend to take me out of commission.  Very considerate.  After everything I’ve put it through, that’s certainly more than I deserve. Continue reading

Day 331: A Crocodile Pirate

The Crocodile PirateConsider yourself warned, I’m afraid I am far too tired right now to write anything remotely coherent.  It’s #OnceFanArtFriday once again so I managed to just about scrounge up enough energy for a pretty bad sketch.  I’m actually pretty excited for the upcoming episode so I chose a shot from the most recent preview for my reference.  Only two episodes to go before the hiatus.  It feels like the season just started. Continue reading

Day 330: Of Mice and Mannequins

Jaq & GusI have more Disney characters today.  It seems to be becoming a thing.  My coworkers like to get me to draw Disney characters for them and they’ve started sticking them up at work instead of taking them home.  Today they requested the mice from Cinderella.  I’m actually quite fond of Cinderella though I’m not overly attached to the Disney version.  There are other versions that I much prefer.  The mice are pretty cute though and they were fun to do. Continue reading

Day 329 continued

A Strange Self-PortraitAlright, now that I’ve slept at least a little bit I’ll submit my other sketches.  This whole plan sort of backfired on me anyway.  I did get my sketches done before going to bed though and I didn’t try to post them until after I slept.  So that part at least did work out.

Since I still need to practice my self-portrait and the 25th was #SelfieArt Day I tried to get one of those in.  It doesn’t really look a lot like me but some of my features are there.  Continue reading

Day 329: A Disney Baboon

RafikiAlright so in the interest of full disclosure I haven’t actually done sketches in either of my actual sketchbooks yet today.  I received another request for a Disney character from a coworker today so I did that instead.  Actually I’ve already drawn Rafiki for a different coworker once before.  It’s my first repeat.  Apparently he’s popular.  I did choose a different pose this time though. Continue reading

Day 327: A Sad Family Portrait

Matt Golinski FamilyToday’s major sketch is in ink rather than the usual charcoal.  I would have tried doing something in charcoal instead but I didn’t have any available when I started the sketch so I did it with my newly refilled brush pen instead.  I think I’m a little out of practice doing portraits in ink. Continue reading