Another (Bi-)Weekly Roundup and a Start to #WorldWaterColorMonth

So apparently I am terrible at updating this blog even when I don’t have University as an excuse.  I was away on a family vacation for a while but other than that my time has just been disappearing into the ether somehow.  It’s amazing how much time people (and cats) suddenly want to spend with you when you finally have some free time after having had your head buried in textbooks for the past few months.

I have not stopped sketching however.  Continue reading


Day 342: Coffee and a Bird

Peregrine FalconSomewhere in the have of tiredness and moving and life in general the concept of “Draw a Bird Day” still managed to seep through.  I’m pretty sure that’s today, right?  I believe it’s supposed to be the 8th of the month.  If not then I suppose this is just a random bird sketch.  Blame it on the sleep deprivation I suppose.  It’s not exactly my best bird sketch ever but it is still vaguely bird shaped.  I’m pretty amazed I even managed that much.  All of my plans of early nights and catching up on sleep pretty much evaporated. Continue reading

Day 313: A Dr. Sketchy’s Picspam, A Random Kid Drawing and a Belated Bird Sketch

Gangster GooseSo I almost totally forgot about Draw a Bird Day yesterday.  By the time I remembered I had already submitted my blog post for the day and it was really late and I was really tired.  So I just did this very quick 30 second doodle of a completely random bird and then closed my sketchbook and went to sleep.  I didn’t post it yesterday and it was technically after midnight when I drew it … but I promise I did actually draw it before going to bed.  Trust me, if I had waited until today to draw it it probably would have turned out much better.  I’ll leave it to Laura to decide whether that counts or not. Continue reading