Day 294: A New Prime Minister and an 8-bit Zombie

8-bit-zombieAlright, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “8-bit Zombie”.  This is the prompt I’ve been dreading ever since I first looked at the prompts list.  For me at least this prompt wins the award for “most likely to be skipped”.  I was very seriously contemplating just not doing it.  I mean what am I even supposed to do with that.  I’m not even entirely certain what qualifies as 8-bit when it comes to pixel art.  What is the distinction between 8-bit art and 16-bit art for example?  I’m certain that there is one.  I just don’t feel qualified to make it.

So in the end I typed 8-bit art into google and found an online paint-style program for drawing pixel art.  presumably it has built in setting to ensure that anything you generate using it is in 8-bit format … whatever that means.  I’m just showcasing my ignorance here, I know.  It’s just something I’ve never spent much time thinking about it.  Anyway, I just used that program to do a quick and silly zombie sketch.  It’s nothing I’m particularly proud of but it fulfills the #drawlloween prompt and that is good enough for me.

Since it didn’t exactly feel like a proper sketch though, and definitely wasn’t a daily charcoal sketch or an #inktober sketch, I decided to do another sketch in my actual sketchbook.  That one was a bit more fun, although not really all that much better.  For my subject I chose Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

A New Prime MinisterFor those of you who don’t know, there was an election in Canada on October 19th.  The old government was (finally) voted out and replaced by a new government with a new Prime Minister.  So I suppose this sketch is actually a couple days late to the party.  Yesterday it just seemed more important to draw a skull though.  I didn’t quite capture Trudeau here but I gave it a shot.  Maybe I’ll try again another time.  I’ll have to give him a few months to govern first though to see if he’s worthy of a second sketch.


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