Day 295: A Cat and a Candy Bar

A Birthday KittyToday happened to bring separate ink and charcoal sketches once more.  Someone at work had a birthday today.  I told her I would draw her a sketch of anything she wanted for her birthday.  It seemed like an effective use of my time at work.  Actually I hadn’t taken a lunch break yet so it was probably reasonable enough.  She asked for a cat.  Of course, it would have to be that.  I warned her that I am terrible at drawing cats but told her I would give it a shot anyway.  Since it was for her birthday I tried not to mess it up too badly.  Then when that didn’t work out I just tried to do some damage control when I did mess it up.

I took a photo of the resulting drawing before I gave it to her.  That’s my #inktober sketch for the day.  I still can’t say that cats are exactly my strong suit but I do see to be improving at least a little.  This one is slightly better than my last couple of attempts at drawing cats.

Then there was today’s #drawlloween prompt.  It was “candy”.  That doesn’t really seem like it should be a difficult prompt.  I just had a hard time thinking of something related to candy that would look okay in charcoal.  I always think of candy as being bright and colourful.  Moments like these are what I keep my husband around for.  He immediately thought of a candy bar.  That seemed like a much better option than anything I was coming up with.  Sadly I’m still struggling wit perspective (in both of today’s sketches) and apparently have trouble keeping my lines straight.  It was still a good idea though.

A Mars Bar


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