Day 293: A Long Overdue Skull Sketch

A Drawlloween SkullToday’s #drawlloween prompt was “skull”.  That’s another prompt that I can really get behind for several reasons.  First of all I just really like skulls.  I think they’re fascinating.  Is that one of those things that you’re not supposed to say out loud?  Moving right along then … it’s also definitely a nice spooky prompt for the Halloween thing.  There are lots of great things you can do with a skull.  That really didn’t get any better. 

Umm, the final reason is that I’m long overdue for another skull drawing.  They’re great for helping you get a handle on facial structure and I drew a few of them early on in my challenge for just that reason.  I had it in my head that I would keep drawing human skulls occasionally to teach myself human facial structure.  Somewhere along the line that one kind of got dropped though.  I think it’s been over six months now since my last skull sketch.  So it was great to have this prompt as a reason to take another stab at it and get some more practice.  I think it turned out alright despite the fact that once again I failed to plot it out properly and it went off the page a bit.


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