Day 130: A Mother’s Day Portrait WIP

Mother and Child Portrait - WIPI’m afraid I don’t have much to show for today. I really meant to get a much earlier start on today’s sketch but I just didn’t manage it.  I always seem to end up struggling to do these things at the last minute.  Actually I originally had much bigger plans for the mother’s day portrait I wanted to do but there was no way I was going to be able to do it in time.  I was being a bit overambitious again and my skills are not quite up to the challenge yet.  So I settled on this simpler mother and child portrait.  I still wasn’t able to finish it in time though. 

I’m really struggling with mixing colours.  I suppose I haven’t worked with colours all that much.  I find it really difficult to figure out how to get the colours I want.  When painting most of my time is spent mixing colours and I never feel like I’m getting them quite right.  In the end it just got too late and I had to call it quits on this one.  I’m really unhappy with the colours so far and it’s obviously not finished yet but I was just getting too tired and I desperately need to get some sleep.  I’ll try to get it finished tomorrow.  Today just ended up being a bit too busy for me to get it done.

I ended up spending most of the day cooking, cleaning, and working on recipes instead of working on the portrait.  In the morning I made a pancake breakfast for my Mum for Mother’s Day.  Then I was experimenting with a cupcake recipe I’d been meaning to try out for a while now.  My husband’s birthday is also coming up so I’ve been trying to work out a good cake recipe so that I can make him a nice gluten free vanilla birthday cake.  The cupcake recipe I tried today wasn’t likely to work for that but I’d already bought the ingredients so I wanted to test it out anyway.  I was sifting through various other recipes and trying to come up with my own at the same time.


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