Day 131: The Finished Mother’s Day Portrait with Process

Mother and Baby PortraitI managed to finish yesterday’s Mother’s day portrait in a way that I’m at least a little bit more satisfied with.  I’m still not entirely happy with the results but I was racing against the clock a little bit and this is the best I could manage within my time constraints.  I mostly just added some detailing to the faces and clothes since yesterday’s WIP. 

I think the shading on the faces ended up looking a bit unnatural but there was only so much I could do with it.  I’m still struggling with mixing colours so I was having difficulty finding the right colours to layer together to create a more natural gradient.  Something to work on a bit more in the coming month.

I thought I’d show my process for this one again.  I think it’s fun to do for the slightly bigger projects.  Besides, I always end up taking pictures at various stages just in case I ruin it.  With this one I was especially worried about completely wrecking it because of how much trouble I was having with the colours.

Mother and Baby Portrait WIP 1 - Line ArtThis was the original line art that I started from.  I used a photograph and tried to plot out the proportions a bit.  I actually tried this one once before but I think I got it down a bit better this time.  The fact that I actually liked the line art for this one made me a lot more nervous about adding colours into the mix but I bit the bullet and did it anyway.

Mother and Baby Portrait WIP 2 - Base Colour WashThis was my first stage of the painting process.  I decided to just add an initial layer of colour over top of all of the white spaces.  That way I wouldn’t have any white in the painting any more to throw off my perception of the colours.  Also it would give me a rough indication of the overall look.  That was the theory anyway.  In practice I ended up being so shy about some of my colours that they turned out mostly white anyway.

Mother and Baby Portrait WIP 3 - Some DetailingNext was some basic detailing, mostly just on the hair, eyebrows and lips.  I waited until this stage to paint in the baby’s hair because it was much thinner and separated into individual strands or groups of strands which required a finer brush.  For the initial colour washes I was just using a broad brush so that I wouldn’t get distracted by details.  I also tried to do a little shading on the baby’s face but I wasn’t too happy with how it turned out.  This was the version posted yesterday.  I called it a night at this point because I was in danger of falling asleep on the painting otherwise.

Mother and Baby PortraitThen this morning I went over it again and added some more detail, mostly just to the faces and clothes.  This is the finished painting, as above.  I didn’t make any changed to the background both due to lack of time and because I didn’t want to distract from the figures.  I think I could have done a bit better with the shading on the faces though and maybe the baby’s clothes as well.  Oh well, there’s always next time,


10 thoughts on “Day 131: The Finished Mother’s Day Portrait with Process

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m glad I was able to get it finished even if it wasn’t quite how I’d imagined. The problem with finishing anything is you immediately see at least 10 things that you could have done better.

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