reactionWhat is this … I don’t even …

I have no words to describe the utter shock, terror and depression that I have gone through today that the world has gone through today.

Hope seems to not really have a place in today’s world … especially for hard working women.

Also, my favourite drawing app has stopped working.

But that’s enough whining.  On with the rest of my life I suppose …

Sorry if I offended anyone.  Good luck to everyone I know who actually lives in America.


This is me

I was messing around with creating a new display picture and banner for myself on my various social media accounts.  I’m happier with the display picture than I am with the banner.  I have another idea for the banner that I may eventually get around to drawing and uploading here. Continue reading

Coming Up for Air Again

janitor2bAlright, so I got swallowed by the big black hole that is university again.  There’s no denying it and this time I make no promises that I’ll get back to posting with any kind of regularity over the coming months.  I still think about this space though and, more importantly, I still draw.  I just need to work on posting the things that I’m drawing.  That’s the part that falls to the wayside when I get swamped. Continue reading

Another (Bi-)Weekly Roundup and a Start to #WorldWaterColorMonth

So apparently I am terrible at updating this blog even when I don’t have University as an excuse.  I was away on a family vacation for a while but other than that my time has just been disappearing into the ether somehow.  It’s amazing how much time people (and cats) suddenly want to spend with you when you finally have some free time after having had your head buried in textbooks for the past few months.

I have not stopped sketching however.  Continue reading

Still Alive / Just Keep Swimming …

So apparently it has been about five months since my last post.  Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth there.  I started an accelerated masters program at University a few months ago and it is far more intensive than I expected.  Pretty much everything has fallen to the wayside.  No time for friends, family, healthy eating, sleep, or (sadly) much drawing.  Basically all of my time over the last few months has been spent either going to class or working on assignments.

The good news is: I’m off for the next month!  Yay!  Pretty much the first thing I did was start drawing again.  Literally.  I finished my last assignment on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday morning I woke up and started on this sketch for a friend of mine Continue reading

Another Week in Review: Featuring Deadpool, the Cheshire Cat and a Dancing Mannequin

DeadpoolSo this weekly posting thing seems to be a thing that’s happening now.  I still haven’t really decided if that’s what I’m going to settle on or not but right now that’s where I’m at.  For the time being I’m doing daily sketches with weekly posts and that seems to be working out okay.  I don’t have any trouble drawing something every day that way and that’s really the part that’s important to me.  It does still feel strange posting a Thursday Mannequin Sketch and a Sunday Hand Sketch at the same time though.  The hand sketch is almost a week old at this point.  That may be the longest I’ve ever waited to post one, though possibly not by much. Continue reading

Mr. Mannequin Takes Off

Mannequin TakeoffAlright, this is definitely a guilt post to make up for going so long in between posting.  This way at least I’ll have my minimum of two posts for the week.  I’ll figure out a more regular schedule later.  Besides, it’s Figure Drawing Thursday today.  If nothing else I can at least get my weekly mannequin sketch up.  I know how much everyone loves Mr. Mannequin after all.  He’s quite the popular guy.  I myself have grown so attached to him I’m not sure I’ll ever bring myself to transition on to proper figure drawings.  He is still giving me a better understanding of how those are constructed though. Continue reading