Just A Random Sketch Dump

geometry-robo_resizedI’ve been meaning to update for a while now but it just hasn’t happened.  I wish I could claim that I was busy doing very productive things but I’m afraid there hasn’t been quite enough of that recently either. 

I am in the middle of another busy semester and I do have multiple assignments due in the next week that I really should be working on right now.  Actually I just had to switch browsers and submit one of them in the middle of typing this because I had almost forgotten that it was due tonight.  So definitely lots of work that I should be doing.  I’m just running out of steam (and motivation) a little bit here.

So, I decided to take a break to do a sketch dump!  Yay!

Drawing is about the only thing that I can still muster up motivation for.  I’m not sure my lecturers are terribly impressed with just how much time I spend drawing during the lectures and workshops we have.  It actually does help me focus though!  Really, it does, I swear!  During one of the workshops we had my tablet ran out of battery power so I tried to actually listen to the lecture without drawing.  It was terribly ineffectual and I found my mind wandering within about 30 seconds.  So I promptly picked up my pen and started drawing the old fashioned way (on the back of the handout we’d been given) instead.


Instantly I found it easier to concentrate on what he was saying.  It’s strange how that works.  Clearly my listening and concentration skills could use a bit of work.

One of the reasons I didn’t get around to posting recently was because I actually had to set up a Tumblr and post on that for one of my courses.  It gets to be a bit much trying to run two of these things at the same time while also doing the rest of my coursework.  Actually I probably should be posting on that Tumblr right now instead of here.  I have to actually think for that one though, and possibly do research and cite references … which is exactly what I’m trying to get away from right now.  Anyway, the initial set-up for the Tumblr was what took the most time for me.  I decided that if I was going to set up yet another internet presence then I wanted to make my own banner to put in the header.  So that’s what this was:


I was reasonably happy with how it turned out.  Unfortunately it looks terrible on mobile devices.  I blame Tumblr for that though and I can’t be bothered to fix it.  It looks fine on my computer which is where I was testing it.  Someday I will get around to updating the banner on this blog.  It is terribly inaccurate now but I just haven’t found the time to make a new one.  I’m not sure this one would be entirely appropriate.

Anyway, those are the main projects I’ve been working on.  Apart from that it’s been Christmas shopping and sketching in my lectures and workshops.  So here’s the dump of my workshop sketches from the last couple of weeks in case anyone’s interested:




Some of them are from my tablet and some of them are pen and paper.  I’m still working on human faces mostly.  Partly that’s because they’re the most interesting subjects that are readily available when I start to doodle.  Partly it’s because they’re so challenging and I still can’t seem to get them quite right.  Some of these look a bit like the subjects I was drawing but most of them are still way off.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.  I’ll just have to keep working on it.


2 thoughts on “Just A Random Sketch Dump

    1. Thanks Kerfe! I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

      Two papers + three peer reviews + a mini assignment + some Tumblr posts to complete … and it’s my Mum’s birthday this weekend so we’re going to be down at the beach.

      The chances of getting everything finished aren’t looking too good right now.

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