A few more silly sketches and a wish for a time machine

sillydrag_resizedAs predicted I did not get much drawing done during my break.  Actually I think that this silly dragon sketch may be about the only thing I did draw during the actual break.  Well … there were a couple other silly little doodles too.  I never entirely stop drawing.  Those ones were even worse than this one is though and most of them were erased, deleted or just plain thrown in the bin. 

So what did I do then?  I read, mostly.  Well, I spent time with my family too.  They haven’t gotten to spend much time with me over the past several months.  So I went to stay with them for basically my entire University break and we went to a museum and saw a couple films.  It was all good fun.  Mostly, though, I just read.  All of the time inbetween things – inbetween activities, inbetween outings, inbetween meals or conversations – all of the time that could have been spent drawing was almost exclusively spent reading instead.  Oh boy have I missed reading!  During university I just don’t get to read for fun.  If I’m going to read it’s always dry and boring and “academic” *shudder*.  Reading anything that isn’t related to my studies almost feels like a sin at this point.  Oh how wonderful it felt though.  After months of stress and worry and sleepless nights and scary elections what I really desperately needed was to relax.  There didn’t seem to be much hope of that in the real world so I escaped into another world instead.  That may not be the most mature and practical thing to do but I have absolutely no regrets.

Now I am back at University again though.  Oh joy.  They certainly aren’t planning on going easy on us just because it’s Christmas either.  I have 19 mini-assignments plus a minimum of 7 journal entries to complete for one course alone over a period of 7 weeks and that’s in addition to the 3 major assignments in that same course.  Then I have 2 other courses each with their own minor and major assessments.  The beginning of a new semester is always a terrifying prospect but I’ve made it through two so far.  Just two more to go and I’ll have completed this degree.  Eye on the prize.

I’ve also been drawing a little more again though now that I can’t hide away anymore and have some new stresses to work through.  I don’t want to jinx it but it seems my favourite drawing app has started behaving a little better again *fingers crossed*.  So I’m playing with it again while I still can.  Soon I will no doubt be too busy with all of those assignments to find the time.


Speaking of time, that’s what I’ve decided that I would like for Christmas.  It seems that time is the one thing that I can never quite get enough of.  Also, my family lives spread out across the entire planet and it’s almost impossible to visit them, which always feels a little sadder at Christmas.  So, I just want a little more time and the ability to teleport at will.  That’s not too much to ask for, is it?


Someone just needs to get my a time machine for Christmas and all of my problems will be solved.


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