This is me

I was messing around with creating a new display picture and banner for myself on my various social media accounts.  I’m happier with the display picture than I am with the banner.  I have another idea for the banner that I may eventually get around to drawing and uploading here.

When I uploaded this sketch I named it “StudyGirl”.  I think a more apt title probably would have been “Procrastination Girl”.  I’m at the end of my current University semester.  No more classes but still four more assignments to finish but my motivation this past week has just been non-existent.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ll only get about a week and a half break after all of the assignments are done before I have to go straight into the next semester.  It also doesn’t help that my grades so far this semester are actually looking pretty good so I’m not really in imminent danger of failing anything.  Mostly though, I think I’m just getting burned out and tired of essay writing.  I was hoping a bit of silly drawing would help with that.


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