Coming Up for Air Again

janitor2bAlright, so I got swallowed by the big black hole that is university again.  There’s no denying it and this time I make no promises that I’ll get back to posting with any kind of regularity over the coming months.  I still think about this space though and, more importantly, I still draw.  I just need to work on posting the things that I’m drawing.  That’s the part that falls to the wayside when I get swamped.

There is at least one good thing that’s come from university so far though.  I get given strange assignments sometimes that allow me to unleash my creativity.  Since that’s an area that’s sorely lacking in most of the assignments I tend to go to town on it when I get the chance.  So here’s one of those, and proof that I am in fact still drawing …

Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to uploading some more of my drawings …


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