Another (Bi-)Weekly Roundup and a Start to #WorldWaterColorMonth

So apparently I am terrible at updating this blog even when I don’t have University as an excuse.  I was away on a family vacation for a while but other than that my time has just been disappearing into the ether somehow.  It’s amazing how much time people (and cats) suddenly want to spend with you when you finally have some free time after having had your head buried in textbooks for the past few months.

I have not stopped sketching however.  It’s more the taking photos and scanning and writing and posting that I’ve been struggling to find time for.  Last week (during the family vacation) I spent some time messing around with my brother’s pastels.  I’m not sure it’s my best medium honestly but it was fun to play with.

Last Friday also marked the start of World Watercolour Month.  So I went out and bought a new watercolour sketchbook and I’ve made a good start on that.  My first sketches were a maple leaf for Canada Day (July 1st) and a sketch of this guy from the cover of James Gurney’s Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist.  It’s a really interesting book that I need to get around to reading someday.  My brother owns it so I was flipping through it and decided to try  drawing the guy on the cover.

Most of my other watercolour sketches so far have been far less interesting.

I did, however, remember to observe some of my old daily sketch traditions.  I cheated a little bit and counted Belle’s hand as my had drawing.  Yesterday was Figure Drawing Thursday though so I dragged Mr. Mannequin back out of hiding.  He wasn’t super enthusiastic this time but we managed.


Also, today is the 8th of the month so I found a nice photo of a toucan on Something To Draw to base today’s watercolour sketch on.


I’m starting to get back into the swing of this.  Maybe I’ll get the routine down again just in time to fall back into the black hole of next semester of university.


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