Another Week in Review: Featuring Deadpool, the Cheshire Cat and a Dancing Mannequin

DeadpoolSo this weekly posting thing seems to be a thing that’s happening now.  I still haven’t really decided if that’s what I’m going to settle on or not but right now that’s where I’m at.  For the time being I’m doing daily sketches with weekly posts and that seems to be working out okay.  I don’t have any trouble drawing something every day that way and that’s really the part that’s important to me.  It does still feel strange posting a Thursday Mannequin Sketch and a Sunday Hand Sketch at the same time though.  The hand sketch is almost a week old at this point.  That may be the longest I’ve ever waited to post one, though possibly not by much.

My main project this week was a Deadpool sketch.  This was a request from one of my few co-workers who actually hadn’t requested any sketches yet.  I was actually pretty excited to attempt a western style comic book character because it’s something I haven’t tried to do for ages.  He went through several iterations.  I wasn’t at all happy with the line art for this one but I ended up just sticking it out anyway because I didn’t want to end up not finishing it because I was being too much of a perfectionist.  In the end I think the colouring mostly ended up rescuing it.

Deadpool LineartDeadpool 2Tone

I also finally finished that Darth Vader sketch from last week that I had been meaning to do for a while now.

Darth Vader

That one was another request so I was glad to get it done.  It’s surprisingly difficult to draw someone who’s mostly black.

The rest of my sketches for the last week or so were mostly random silly doodles with the usual hand sketch and mannequin sketch thrown in for life drawing practice.

Bamboo and FacesA Minion with sSome BoxesA Giant Face with a SwordPlain Old Hand SketchCentaurCheshire Cat LineartCheshire CatMr. Mannequin Takes Ballet

All in all it wasn’t really the most exciting week ever but I did get some sketching in every day and I’m still enjoying experimenting with my copic markers for colouring.


6 thoughts on “Another Week in Review: Featuring Deadpool, the Cheshire Cat and a Dancing Mannequin

  1. Do you draw from imagination now after using models? I’ve been browsing through your progress over the past year and it’s pretty amazing. I was just curious if you had got to a point where you feel comfortable imaging a scene or character and drawing it from the mind?

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    1. Sorry, I disappeared off the face of the Earth for a while and didn’t get around to answering this comment.

      Mostly I still copy because everything I draw from the imagination looks terrible. I am getting marginally better at drawing from the imagination but it is very slow progress for me.

      You can usually tell which sketches I used models or reference photos for and which ones I drew from imagination based on the quality. On this one for example: Deadpool, Vader, the Cheshire Cat, my hand, Mr. Mannequin and even the centaur were all copied from reference. All of the crappy doodles on the other hand were from the imagination.

      I want to get better at drawing from the imagination. That’s sort of the end goal of all this. Not quite there yet though. Just slowly getting better at copying and recognising patterns and shapes.


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