Tarzan the Ape Man

TarzanOkay, so I’m about a day behind on my posts right now but they’re still happening and I’m still drawing so at least that’s something.  I’m not doing quite so well with all of these specific drawing days though.  I’m afraid I’ll be missing Draw a Bird Day this month.  It’s just too late in the day right now.  I had another crazy busy day where I was out and about until quite late and now I’m ridiculously tired and I’m declaring sleep my priority.

I also sort of cheated figure drawing Thursday.  No Mr. Mannequin this week I’m afraid.  Hopefully he will be making a triumphant comeback next week though.  This Thursday I just drew Tarzan and I’m calling that my figure drawing.  I finally caved to my co-workers request to draw one of the human Disney characters instead of just the animal side-kick specifically so that I could count it as a figure drawing if all else failed.  So here he is.  It’s some kind of practice at least.  Quite different from Mr. Mannequin though.

I did also do some somewhat interesting sketches today but I will be posting those next time, either tomorrow or Sunday.  As I mentioned I am a bit tired and in need of sleep and uploading photos takes surprisingly long so I’m putting it off until the morning.


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