A Beastly Beasty

BeastI was pretty much just having a lazy day today.  There was work as usual of course but afterwards I was pretty beat and just zonked out.  The last couple of days have been so ridiculously hectic for me.  I’ve just been working pretty much from when I woke up to when I went to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, in some ways that’s been great.  I’m not really one for idleness usually and I’ve loved feeling productive.  It is a bit wearing though and after work today I just didn’t feel like doing anything productive whatsoever.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to productivity but today productivity is my enemy.

So this is my very unproductive sketch for the day.  It’s another in my series of random Disney character sketches drawn at the request of coworkers.  The Beast turns out to be extremely difficult to draw.  This is actually my second attempt.  My first shot at it earlier today is safely at the bottom of a dumpster where it will never see the light of day.  Yes, it was that bad.  It didn’t help that I ran out of ink in my brush pen halfway through.  That’s why this second attempt was done in multiliner.  I do like drawing with the multiliner though.  It compares especially favourably to a dry brush pen.  Anyway, this one turned out much better than the first attempt.  There has been a request to draw a third one though so we’ll have to see about that.


14 thoughts on “A Beastly Beasty

      1. Thank you :). It’s certainly not effortless but I’m glad it appears that way. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to draw characters of my own, or at least known characters in different poses so I’m not just blatantly copying. Copying is still a great way of learning though.

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      2. Amen! I’ve been learning a ton lately from doing this! Cartoons really are hard. I’ll never forget drawing Tweety early last year when I was tied to the alphabet. It took much much longer to draw Tweety than any of my faces or partial faces took. I vowed I’d never do it again lol.

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      3. Lol, yeah. It can be quite challenging to get those really simple looking lines. There’s just not much margin for error. You really have to look carefully at what the lines are doing. It’s really fun to do though. Something about the cartoons just really seems to appeal to broad groups of people.

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