Some Sketchy Doodles and A Poor Deformed Firefox

Scarface and Other DoodlesI’m still going.  I can’t post yesterday’s drawing because I’m afraid I didn’t get a picture.  It was really just a sideline doodle on a scrap of paper though.  Yesterday was another of my ridiculously busy days.  I was working and taking care of paperwork into the wee hours of the morning and ended up getting hardly any sleep as it was.  I don’t think my husband appreciated how grumpy I was getting by the time I finally made it to bed.  Still, a sideline doodle is better than nothing.  As are today’s sketches I suppose, though perhaps not by much.

My doodles are pretty much just the usual silliness.  Having my brush pen back is still a novelty and I’m enjoying messing around with it.  The charcoal sketch on the other hand went pretty horribly wrong.  The charcoal just wasn’t working for me today.  It may be partially sleep deprivation but mainly I’m blaming the charcoal stick itself.  It just wasn’t cooperating.  Anyway, this was supposed to be a firefox or red panda.  It ended up being more of a deformed mutant creature but I’m too tired to fix it.  I’m still hoping to get an early-ish night tonight after the complete lack of sleep last night.

A Deformed Firefox


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