Day 365: Yatta!

YattaI did it! Today is New Year’s Eve. I have officially done a minimum of one sketch a day every single day of 2015. It wasn’t always easy. I can’t honestly say that I completed a sketch every single calendar day or within 24 hours of the last sketch. What I can say however is that between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night for every single day of 2015 I drew and uploaded a sketch onto this blog. There were at least a couple of occasions where the sun had actually risen on the next day by the time I got the picture posted. I still got it done before going to bed though, even if my sleeping habits were somewhat questionable at times. So I am counting it as a success over all. I actually completed at least one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015! Yay! Let’s not talk about any other resolutions I may or may not have made, particularly as relates to sleeping.

I’m actually pretty happy that the year is ending on a Thursday. I got to celebrate Christmas Eve with Mr. Mannequin and now I get to ring in the new year with him too. Somehow it seems appropriate to end my year of daily sketches with a good old fashioned figure drawing. I think Mr. Mannequin is happy for me too.

I’ve put a lot of thought into where to go from here but I’m afraid I still haven’t come up with a solid answer.  My husband would very much like me to start getting to bed at a reasonable time.  That seems like quite a reasonable plan really.  After a year of daily sketches I can’t entirely imagine just not drawing anymore.  I can barely imagine going a whole day without drawing something actually.  So I don’t think I’ll really stop.  It’s just a question of what form I’ll continue in.  I’ll be thinking about that some more over the next few days.

I definitely need fewer rules, even if all of my rules were self-imposed.  Most likely I won’t be doing daily updates anymore but I will probably update at least once a week and I’ll try to do it a bit more often than that.  I like the idea of continuing the Hand Drawing Sundays and Figure Drawing Thursdays as well.  I wouldn’t want Mr. Mannequin to get lonely and feel neglected again.  I don’t actually have any New Year’s resolutions for 2016 yet so it’s all up to me to decide where to go from here.  It’s a whole new year with new things to be learned and adventures to be had.  Happy New Year everyone!

New Year New Brush Pen


3 thoughts on “Day 365: Yatta!

  1. This post made me smile a lot 🙂 Mr Mannequin looks as though he’s having a blast dancing New Years eve away! I hope you have a happy and creative 2016 in whatever form that takes.


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