Day 363: Space Cat

A Majestic CatI’ve officially run out of ideas for things to draw again.  For today’s sketch I fell back on the old faithful Something To Draw website.  I decided to pick an animal photo again since I at one point had a vague plan of drawing animals on Tuesdays.  This photo of a cat, submitted by Tomitheos, stood out to me.  I think it was the angle that I liked best.  That and my husband was getting sick of me hemming and hawing over what to draw and basically told me to pick that one.  Also I still feel like I need practice drawing cats.  I’m pretty bad at drawing animals in general actually but I’ve got to start somewhere and cats are my favourites.

The space cat may have been a bit of a misrepresentation though.  Those were actually two separate themes though there’s nothing to say that cat isn’t a space traveler.  It certainly looks majestic enough.  I went for more of a space theme for today’s doodles though.  I’m still trying to decide what to draw on my new pair of shoes (because not drawing on them is obviously not an option) so brainstorming some different ideas.  Space seemed like a decent possibility since I’m such a Sci-fi buff.  I hadn’t really tried drawing anything much besides UFOs before though so I figured it was time to experiment a bit.

Soaring Through Space


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