Day 362: An Octopus and an Ear

An EarI went to see a late night movie today.  I really should have known that was a bad idea.  Maybe I did but it was the last week for the newest Bond movie so against my better judgement I went to see it anyway.  The movie itself wasn’t too bad.  I am just so incredibly tired after seeing it.  That whole sleeping thing I was supposed to be doing during my time off still isn’t really happening.

Anyway, given my state of complete and utter exhaustion I decided to go for some relatively simple sketches again today.  For whatever reason I picked an ear.  I’m not quite sure why and I’m not going to try to analyze it.  It was just the first remotely sensible thing that came to mind when I was trying to come up with something to draw.  Luckily my gracious husband was willing to act as a model once more.  At least that makes this another life drawing even if it is very rough.

My random doodles were a bit more inspired by the movie I saw.  Maybe if I was a bit less tired I would have tried actually drawing Bond.  As it was I made do with octopuses and guns.  The flying saucers were more inspired by the X-Files that the Bond movies though.  Octopuses, guns, flying saucers and random body parts, my tired brain seems to be a bit all over the place right now.  I’d better let it get some rest.

Octopuses and UFOs


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