Day 360: All of the Boxing Day Boxes

Empty Boxes and Christmas WrappingHow I managed to build up even more of a sleep debt during my holiday I may never understand.  Actually catching up on sleep seemed like a bit of a pipe dream of course.  Still, even I didn’t expect to get even less sleep and make things worse.  I suppose I’ve still got one more week to turn this thing around though so I’d better make the most of it.

Anyway, I went for another themed sketch for today.  At least that’s my excuse for just drawing a bunch of simple shapes.  They’re boxes for boxing day.  It’s a topical sketch.  It’s also a great reason to draw a picture of a pile of garbage.  Anything goes at Christmas time. 

There were also a couple sets of vampire teeth and monster faces that snuck into my doodles.  We were watching a vampire movie at the time.  It was a pretty silly movie and the vampire in it didn’t actually have the classic vampire fangs.  I decided to draw them anyway though.

Vampires and Boxes


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