Day 358: Celebrating Christmas Eve with Mr. Mannequin

Mr. Mannequin's Christmas Eve CelebrationWell it may be Christmas Eve but it is still a Thursday!  That makes it Figure Drawing Thursday and I wouldn’t want to stand up poor old Mr. Mannequin on Christmas Eve.  That would just be cruel.  So after finally finishing a round of Christmas baking that took far too long in my tiny little convection microwave I sat down to do my weekly mannequin sketch.  I think Mr. Mannequin was quite happy to join in the celebration.

Actually today somehow felt less Christmasy than yesterday for me.  I managed to get myself bogged down in a whole pile of really annoying paperwork that took up most of my day.  Thus the late night Christmas baking.  I was determined to have some Christmas shortbreads for tomorrow and we were having to brine the chickens as well.  It’s still less cooking than I’ve done for previous Christmases but the sub par kitchen appliances made it feel like a huge feat just the same.

Still, with some Christmas shortbreads, Christmas hats and Christmas carols playing in the background it started to feel pretty festive again.  That’s why I decided to add in some Christmas doodles.  It’s just a bit of everything really, most of which I’ve already drawn a few times in the last month or so.

Christmas Eve Doodles


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