Day 356: A Hammer and a Doodle

This is Not My HammerThis is my hammer.  Well actually that’s a complete and utter lie.  In truth this is a digital representation of a photo I took of a drawing I did of a hammer that I borrowed from my parents because I don’t actually have a hammer of my own.  The lie was much simpler than the truth.  Isn’t that almost always the case though?  Anyway I’ve really been running out of ideas for things to draw lately.  The hammer was my husband’s idea.  I seem to be on a life drawing kick lately.  Mostly random objects around the house just seem simpler to draw than the things I might otherwise attempt.

My daily doodle on the other hand is about as far from life drawing as you can get.  It really isn’t anything at all.  For once it is really truly a completely aimless doodle.  I mostly just felt like drawing random squiggly lines.  Then I added some eyes because I’m still pretty interested in figuring those out.  I think that really just made it look even more random and squiggly though.  I’m going to call it abstract art.  That sounds a bit better than squiggly doodle.

Squiggles with Eyes


8 thoughts on “Day 356: A Hammer and a Doodle

    1. Thank you Kirk :). Yes, I was trying to use the shading to give a sense of curvature. I’m glad it came across. The shading is my favourite part of these charcoal drawings. Somehow it seems much easier to do in charcoal than it was in pencil. I hardly ever bothered with it in my pencil drawings.

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      1. You definitely should. It’s pretty fun to play around with. I recommend the charcoal pencils over the sticks though because I find it much easier to control.


    1. Thank you Laura 🙂 I think I did make it a bit shorter than it should have been actually because I was worried about running out of space. Luckily it still worked out okay though. Life drawing definitely gives you a lot of practice with perspective.

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