Day 355: Eyes, Faces and Mice

A Computer MouseToday’s sketch is another rough and speedy one.  I was thinking of attempting another of my statues but it was a bit daunting so late at night.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot sometime in the next ten days or so.  For today though I settled on something a bit simpler.  Luckily I happened to have a computer mouse handy that was just begging to be drawn.  This is a pretty broad strokes interpretation of the computer mouse but it is mostly still recognizable.

I had much more fun with today’s doodles though.  That’s as it should be really.  The entire purpose of the doodles was to have fun and experiment after all.  I started out with wanting to draw eyes and work on those.  It turned out that I really just wanted to draw silly faces though.  The temptation is pretty hard to resist sometimes.  Eyes are really interesting but I always want to put them in a face.  It gives them context.  Apparently I find it easier to draw fingers without hands than I do to draw eyes without faces.  Either way it’s still good practice though.

Cartoon Faces and Eyes


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