Day 354: A Little Bit of Hand and Finger Practice

Just a Little Bit of Hand SketchingI still seem to be in the bad habit of waiting until I’m too tired to think straight before getting started on my daily sketch.  I really don’t even have an excuse for it today.  It was another nice relaxing Sunday.  It just seemed to fly by somehow.  I suppose in the end what matters is that I did the sketch though.  It will be my second last hand sketch of the year.  I haven’t missed a Sunday yet so I suppose that makes this my 51st hand sketch of 2015.  That’s so strange to think about.

I went for another set of themed sketches and doodles for my second last Sunday Hand Sketch day of the year.  The main sketch was obviously just the usual hand sketch.  For warm up though I tried to play around with drawing different kinds of fingers.  Those are really the hardest part of getting hands right so they’re worth practicing separately.  I really hate drawing fingers.  They’re so complicated somehow.  Still, practice makes perfect or so they say.

Practicing My Finger Work


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