Day 353: Backpacks and Birthday Balloons

BackpackSo this is pretty much turning out to be the crappy sketch weekend, and possibly even the crappy sketch week.  Sorry about that.  I am still completely and utterly exhausted but I’m hoping that gets better with some more rest over the next few days.  Today was my Mum’s birthday so we were out celebrating quite late and I didn’t head back home until I was just about on the verge of falling asleep.  Then I had to do my sketch.  Can’t really expect much after that.

So my pen doodles were birthday themed in honour of my mother.  My charcoal sketch is just my backpack.  I was desperately searching for a random object to draw because I didn’t want to try to look anything up.  The backpack was the most interesting thing I came up with.

I saw the new Star Wars today with my family so I was really tempted to draw something Star Wars related.  In the end though I just didn’t have the energy to do it justice.  Maybe I will do something in the coming days.  I have a feeling I’ll be more inclined to draw Christmasy things or things for other people though.

Lightning and Birthday Balloons


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