Day 351: Celebrating with Mr. Mannequin

Celebrating with Mr. MannequinToday was a pretty exciting day for me.  It’s still super late.  I’m still way too tired.  I’m still not going to be getting enough sleep tonight.  For once though, I’m actually still finishing the day pretty upbeat.  It’s a pretty nice change.  So I decided to celebrate with Mr. Mannequin.  It is still Figure Drawing Thursday after all and the gods of figure drawing must be appeased.  The fact that I had a clear idea of what to draw actually made things easier for me once again and I’ve grown quite fond of my Mr. Mannequin.  It’s nice to see that he’s happy for me.

There were many reasons why today was a good day for me.  I started the day with a quick facetime conversation with my sister-in-law over breakfast to wish her a happy birthday.  Then as I was about to head off for work I got some good news via e-mail.  Today was also the day of our Christmas Party for work.  Then just when the day started to drag due to some paperwork I had to take care of for tomorrow my family stepped in to cheer me back up.  We made plans for my Mum’s birthday this weekend and my brother delivered a gift for me, a beautiful heirloom from my favourite relative.  So basically this day just can’t get me down.  Tomorrow’s looking pretty promising too because it’ll be my last work day before the holidays.  Maybe I’ll actually even get a bit of sleep in the next couple of weeks.

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