Day 350: Feet and Christmas Doodles

A Twisted FootIt is too late to be typing blog posts.  Today was another day filled with Christmas shopping and drama, raised hopes and disappointments.  Just another plain old December day really.  It’s also the birthday of not just one but two of my relatives.  Sadly they are both artistically inclined relatives so there wasn’t much I could draw for them that they wouldn’t have been able to draw much better for themselves if they wanted to.  Since that’s pretty much my go to these days it made it much harder for me to figure out anything to do for them on their birthdays.

Basically it just ended up getting super late again without my having drawn much of anything.  That seems to be happening far more often lately.  I’m really looking forward to some time off because I think my batteries need recharging.  Anyway, apparently the only thing I wanted to draw today was a foot.  I have no idea why.  I’m not very good with feet so I suppose I could use the practice.  It just occurred to me that they looked fairly interesting and I never draw them.  Now I have remedied that situation, at least as far as the word “never” goes.  I have now drawn a foot by itself at least once.  I suppose that’s some kind of accomplishment.  For my doodles I was feeling completely uninspired so I just tried to draw whatever random things my husband happened to shout out.

A Christmasy Stream of Consciousness


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