Day 349: More of the Sleepy Doodles

A Drooping VineToday was a day of Christmas shopping and stupidly late movies.  It’s the last week of work before Christmas holidays and we’re doing a Secret Santa gift exchange in a couple of days.  The person I got is really new and therefore extremely difficult to shop for so I was procrastinating and hoping to be struck by sudden inspiration with further exposure.  Sadly I had no such luck so I ended up making my way to the mall after work to look for cheap Christmas presents that would be generic enough to be acceptable to pretty much anyone.

In order to make a bit of a day out of it I convinced my husband to meet me there so that we could catch a movie.  That part may not have been the best plan ever.  Tuesdays are cheap movie nights and we are poor so it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Sadly it left me once again too exhausted to draw anything much.  Instead I ended up with some very sleepy doodles once again that I was too tired to even try to clean up.  I’m afraid tomorrow may not be much better because my Christmas shopping still isn’t quite done yet.  It’s looking like another busy week.

A Sleepy Moon


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